15 Nov 2020 Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 15 Nov 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Emily Skinner: (COS) The current Compass course will be the last one of 2020.  There are 34 adults and 23 children – five of the children are in Emily’s CHIPs class.  These five little people will be going with their parents to the Middle East, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.  Emily has made good connections with these kiddos – they appear to have open, learner’s hearts.  Pray for continued connections with these children.  Pray they will be open to receive the tools and lessons the Lord has for them to transition to intercultural life.  Pray for their Moms and Dads as they learn how to carry the Gospel to cultures and places that have never heard of the Name – Jesus!


Brooks Salgado: (COS) Christian Challenge has been meeting with the UCCS students meeting every other week as a large group at VGBC and every other week in smaller home groups.  There were a few cases of coronavirus among the students and leaders but the symptoms were caught early and students were placed in quarantine.  Please pray for student’s health and ability to get over the virus quickly.  Praise the Lord nearly every student leader is actively discipling five different students right now!  Please pray they will humbly and faithfully lead the students who have been entrusted to them to meet one on one or two on one on a weekly basis.  Thank the Lord for Brooks meeting his fundraising goal and is now able to work full-time ministering to students.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin has begun visiting churches and God is opening doors to churches who feel led to train and equip their people to be confident, effective witnesses for Christ.  Kevin met with Springs Lighthouse pastor, Brian Michaels, two weeks ago. Their church would like to start a Share Your Faith workshop in January 2021.  After that they would like to start an eight-week Everyday Evangelism class.  Please pray for Springs Lighthouse as they fix a date on the calendar and prepare to have these classes.  Pray these classes will result in a lifetime of purpose driven disciples equipping other disciples to be confident, effective, intentional witnesses for Christ.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Praise the Lord, Christian Challenge continues to see new students joining their Bible studies each week. The Lord continues to encourage the Christian Challenge leadership – one student claimed to have lost all faith in God.  However, in the past weeks this same student has been a faithful part of Bible studies.  Another student was motivated to begin sharing his faith with his roommate after a Bible study.  Now that roommate has asked to join the Bible study. The fall 2020 semester has been strange yet God continues to show Himself in big and small ways!  Lord please have Your way in the lives of these students!




K and B:  Pray for K and B’s daughter, son-in-law and their little girls as they get over COVID-19!  Pray for K and B’s new team members.  Pray for the details which need to come together as they seek visas to their country.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley are teachers at the Gyeonggi Suwon International School South of Seoul.  During the typical school year cross country track team season goes throughout the fall semester but this year’s cross country season was only the month of October.  Dusty coached the track team again this year and encouraged his students to use a fitness application on their phones so they could train and encourage each other virtually.  The team did truly come together while they were out training on their own around their apartments and neighborhoods.  Last week Dusty preached a sermon in secondary chapel using first Corinthians nine about running the race for Christ! Throughout the message you could see his students nodding to each other and relating to the spiritual significance this passage had in their lives!  Their school is in a constant state of flux between having face-to-face classes, a hybrid schedule or totally online. Please pray for the government and leaders to make wise decisions for the health of the students and faculty.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord the 2021 Killarney calendars have been mailed to donors/supporters!  Please continue to pray for the Killarney ministry and please reach out to the Webbs to encourage them. They would be grateful for your prayer and financial support!  Praise the Lord Madeleine started her job this past week. The ladies Bible study has begun.  Please pray for St Oliver’s National School.  Even though Grace Baptist is not meeting there for a while, they hope everyone stays well.  Grace Baptist has built a good relationship with the school.  Pray for the woman in their church who is convalescing from the bicycle accident.


Herb and Celeste: Praise the Lord for the positive response to Celeste’s talk she gave to the ladies last weekend.  Pray for another on-line marriage study with friends in the big country.  Celeste is co-leading a Moms In Prayer group with several ladies.  Herb continues to teach a Sunday morning Sunday school class.  Pray the Lord will provide the applications from the Scriptures which apply to each person.  Pray for Herb’s time management as there are several deadlines he needs to meet this week.  Pray as they continue to disciple Clint,  Snowy and Lulu on the Mainland.  H and C had a dinner date with their landlord and his wife this past week.  Pray the conversation turned spiritual and that the landlord and wife gave their lives to Christ.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) You will remember that Radio Vida transmits and ministers mostly to the immediate local area around the radio station in southern Spain.  Over a year ago they were instructed to close down radio operations because it was too expensive to transmit.  But they found they could stay afloat by turning off one transmitter and keeping one transmitter running – reaching about half the area.  The station is still ministering to the locals with Christian programming.  Recently a call came in to the radio station from a lady who had found her husband living a double life of drugs and alcohol. She separated from him and then one day the radio dial fell onto Radio Vida with a program about addiction.  The program ministered to her to the point where she was referred to a Christian ministry nearby to give her and her husband the help they needed.  Please continue to pray for this vital ministry as it continues to minister to people in southern Spain.


Oswald and Amanda: Oswald and Amanda are headed back to East Asia and another people group!  Pray for them as they assimilate into their new team.  Praise the Lord they already know some of the team members.  Pray for the Lord’s perfect timing, visa paperwork and details to fall into place as they move back overseas.