May 10, 2020 Discussion Questions

Authority & Submission
Discussion Questions
  1. God is our ultimate authority. When we submit to “human institutions” we are doing it “for the Lord’s sake” (v.13). While we honor everyone including the emperor, we only fear God (v.17).  Because God is our ultimate authority, we should not obey someone if obeying them requires us to disobey God.  Can you think of some examples from the Bible when God’s people had to disobey authority in order to obey God?
  2. What is religious liberty? Why should we be especially grateful we live in a country that recognizes and supports religious liberty? Imagine a Christian living in a country that does not recognize religious liberty.  What kind of situation might require that he/she disobey the government in order to obey God? 
  3. We obey God by submitting to authority He places over us. How do we see this truth in 1 Peter 2:13-14? Can you think of some examples in the Bible of God’s people obeying God by obeying people in positions of authority?  What are some ways you can obey God by obeying people in position of authority?
  4. As Americans we have a unique opportunity to be involved politically and have an influence on policies and laws and who serves in office. How should we balance trying to influence the direction of our country, while also being good citizens who submit to authority (even when we don’t like it)?
  5. Peter tells slaves to be subject to their masters even when they are unjust (1 Peter 2:18-20). Some people will point to this and say the Bible can’t be trusted because it is promoting slavery. How would you respond to someone who said this text is encouraging slavery?
  6. Read 1 Peter 2:21-25. What do these verses have to do with submitting to authority? Why should this motivate us to obey even when authority is unjust?  Who (or what) do you have a difficult time submitting to that God has placed in authority over you?  What might it look like for you to respond to that authority in a way that is faithful to this passage and to Jesus?