December 12, 2021

Welcome to Worship
December 12, 2021
Worship Order
Forgiven Middle School Choir
Welcome to Service
Jimmy Peck
Preparation for Worship

Luke 1:30-33

Congregational Singing
Message in Song
“When Love Crossed Over”
Alive HS Choir

Sermon: Dr. Chris Moore
“Corinth: Christianity Advances”


Sermon Notes
Corinth: Christianity Advances
Dr. Chris Moore
Christianity advances in unexpected places
Christianity advances through partnerships
Christianity advances because of the Lord
News & Events


Lottie Moon Christmas

Your offering transforms lives by providing missionaries the services they need to live among the unreached people they serve. 100% of your gifts to IMB directly fund ministry overseas. VGBC’s goal is $105,000.


Christian Education Course

Hosted by VGBC, Perspectives begins Jan. 11. A $100/person scholarship is available to the first 15 people who register at Use code VGB100. (Do not add the letter C.) This 15-week course is designed to help believers learn more about God’s heart for all nations and how believers worldwide can play an active role in the Great Commission.

Mercy’s Gate Donations

Sturdy empty plastic bottles (16-18 oz) are needed. They will be filled with laundry

detergent for their clientele. Please rinse well and drop them off in the collection

chest in the foyer.

Senior Adult Christmas Party

You’re invited to a Christmas Party & Gift Exchange, Dec. 18 from 1-4:30 pm in the youth wing. Cost is $5/person. To sign up, contact Teresa Miles.


2021 Contributions

All 2021 contributions to VGBC need to be delivered to Kim Carmichael at the church office no later than noon on Thursday, Dec. 30, or be postmarked by Dec. 31. The church office will be closed on Dec. 31. Contributions submitted after this time will be applied toward 2022 contribution statements.

Thank you for joining us for worship at VGBC.
If you are visitor, we are delighted you chose to worship with us.  We have a gift for you, so please visit the Welcome Desk before or after the service. We would love to share with you how you can get connected. 
We have online giving on our church app. Also, we have offering plates at the back of the Worship Center at the end of each service.  While you are welcome to give, all we ask of our guests is to visit us at the Welcome Desk near the entry! 

Scripture of the Week

For I am not  ashamed of  the gospel,  for it is the  power of God  for salvation to  everyone who  believes, to the  Jew first and  also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16



Our Ministerial Staff
 Dr. Chris Moore
Dr. Devin Knuckles
Minister of Admin
Jay Hill
Minister of Music
Jimmy Peck
Minister of Children