March 29, 2020 Discussion Questions

Standing Firm in the Storm
Discussion Questions
Dr. Chris Moore

1 Peter 1:1-2

  1. Peter followed Jesus even though it wasn’t always easy. Can you think of an example of someone else in the Bible who followed the Lord even when it wasn’t easy? What does it look like right now for you to follow Jesus?  Are there some ways that is more difficult now?  Explain. 
  2. One of the themes of 1 Peter is that we are sojourners passing through this world (see 1 Peter 1:1 and 2:11). We have two extremes we should avoid. One extreme is getting too comfortable here in this world.  The other extreme is not settling in and working and serving hard in this world.  Which extreme do you gravitate toward?  Why? 
  3. Has this recent situation changed your perspective in some ways? Explain. Many Christians in the Bible and throughout church history have experienced a lot of challenges and they weren’t able to get too comfortable in this world.  Can you think of examples?  Do you think Christians have gotten a little too comfortable?  Explain.
  4. Another theme of this book is the call to stand firm and keep obeying even in the storm (1 Peter 5:12). We said God often uses times like this to grow us in areas where we have weaknesses. Can you think of examples from your life when God has used a difficult experience or season of life to grow you?  Can you think of an area where you can grow right now?  For example, could you work on being more faithful in prayer or Bible reading, or work on key relationships with others?  What is a specific area you will work on during this season? 
  5. We mentioned how people experiencing a severe storm in a boat might react differently. One person might consider jumping out of the boat. One person might sit still and conclude: “whatever will happen will happen.”  Another person might be so fearful they are unable to do anything.  What response best represents you?  The Christian is the person who has the greatest motivation to work and serve others during the storm.  Explain why.  The Christian also has the greatest motivation not to panic or fear.  Explain why.
  6. It was mentioned that Jesus experienced the ultimate storm for us so that we might not have to (see 1 Peter 2:24). Explain what this means and why this truth matters when we experience storms in life