Faith Riders


A motorcycle ministry passionate about sharing Christ with the world

As the Lord inspires practical ministry opportunities, we are diligent to share the Good News of the salvation message of Jesus Christ to every person we encounter

Ride With The VGBC F.A.I.T.H.Riders to share the gospel

Please join us Saturday, April 9th for motorcycle ride time at 8:30am, following the Men’s Ministry Breakfast at 7-7:30am. Please join both!

This month we have a unique opportunity to share the gospel with a long time biker named Jarrod and his father in Englewood CO. Jarrod has fallen to cirrhosis of the liver and only has 3-6 months left. His cousin Jaime called from Tennessee who has been witnessing to Jarrod, seeing a softening of his heart. Jarrod has confirmed that he would appreciate a visit with our riders!


Everyone is welcome, and I encourage each of you to bring an outreach friend or neighbor along. Please contact Paul Brandenstein at (719) 439-2449 if you are interested in joining this ride.