Assisted Listening Now Available!

Connect your t-coil or Bluetooth enabled hearing aids!


Using your phone, you can now connect to our Service audio

Watch instructions by clicking here
Step 1 – Download the Listen Everywhere on Android or iphone
Step 2 – Be sure you’re connected to the Assisted Listening Wifi
Step 3 – open the app and click “VENUE SCAN”
Step 4 – You will see VGBC appear. Click play and enjoy!

 We also have assisted listening devices available 

Assisted Listening Systems to Help You Hear Better at Church | LDS365: Resources from the Church & Latter-day Saints worldwide
You can use the ear cuffs with these devices, or connect your t-coil hearing aids/cochlear implants. Just ask for one at the sound booth!

Navigate Elvanto

Click here to watch the video.   |  Click here to download these instructions.

Your Personal Info
First thing you’d like to do is check/update your personal info
1.) Click Your Name
2.) Click “My Profile”

Below is everything about you! I recommend to check over this info and update anything that doesn’t look correct! Remember, this is how other people of the church contact you! Don’t forget after updating to hit

If I had to manually update your password, make sure you change it here. Scroll all the way to the bottom and enter your current password (if I manually changed it, its 123Changeme) and enter a new password TWICE. You can also change your login name if you prefer.
Profile Picture
You can update your picture by clicking on the picture (or smiley face)
When you hover over it, it will say “Change”

Now you can select any file on your computer.

After selecting, click the Refresh button at the top of the browser

This will refresh the picture so you can crop it the way you’d like!

Privacy Settings
This is what you choose to make available to other members. This is a members-only thing; only people with a login (that I send) can log on. Still, if you’d rather be hidden, this is where you do it.
Member Directory
When you click on “member directory” a bunch of boxes will come up. Each one that is green is one that people can see. (so preferred name and phone isn’t visible in the example below)
You can set the same stuff with your groups. When you click Groups it will show you all the groups that you are involved in.

This section will show all of your personal giving history. You can also download contribution statements!

This section is all about your family. If you are an adult, you can edit details of your family, just like you did with you by clicking on their names

This section is about the groups you are involved in. Clicking on any of them will give you more details
When I click Redeemed, and MEMBERS I can view who’s in my group. Remember the privacy settings from before? This info won’t be available if the other members hid themselves. I can see when we meet and who the leader is.

Clicking on the email for any person will send an email. If you are on your phone and click the number, it will call them. Cool huh?
Another fun thing is the Messages tab. When you send a message through this, it will send an email to your entire group. Now you don’t have to remember everyone’s email, and if your group has new people added, you’ve instantly got them added!

Now, we’ll tackle the top menu. First us is
Service Schedule

If you volunteer in any capacity, chances are your schedule will be found here! As you can see, the left-hand side shows which service I’m a part of, and what I’m doing.
I have already confirmed that I will play for this Sunday, but what if I can’t?
I would click the red x which opens a new menu

Jay would prefer if we find our own replacements/swaps. So I want to ask the other bass players if they can replace me for this week.
These are the other bass players in the church. Now when I click Send Requests it will send each of them an email asking if they can cover me. Whoever responds first, will be scheduled and emails will go to the other two, saying it’s been filled. Jay will get an email saying the switch happened just for his info. Yay automation!

You can also see the service order by clicking “Plan”

Just what it says. The entire church calendar. Click on an event to learn more info (or in some cases) to sign up.

When I click Wednesday night Dinner I can actually register for it

Next up, Member Directory this has all our people. (Again, if they choose not to hide themselves)

You can search for specific members, and when you click on them, get more info and even email them

Volunteer Unavailablility –
Let’s say you know you’re going ot be out of town for a certain weekend. Adding those dates to the unavailability will let all the people who schedule you know. So if Jay tries to scheudle me while I’m gone, he will get a note saying he can’t, I’m gone!

Install Our Church App

Click here to watch the video.   |  Click here to download these instructions.
Click the appropriate link according to your type of phone. The app is called “Church App – It has a blue icon
Once the app is installed, you want to search for VGBC. We are the only one
You may get the option to add to your home screen. I would for easy access
The next screen is ONLY IF you have a CURRENT online giving account through If you don’t know what this is, you don’t have it, so click the X on the upper right corner of the screen. 
Welcome to our church app! The bottom shows the most frequented pages and “More” will reveal the full menu!
To set your notifications, click the three bar menu button on the top, right corner, notification settings