May 3, 2020 Discussion Questions

Who Are Sojourners?
Discussion Questions
  1. In 1 Peter 2:5, we are called His spiritual house, or temple. We said when we come together as His church, God is present in a special and unique way. What are some of the aspects of gathering with God’s people you miss the most and look forward to experiencing again? 
  2. Peter is not emphasizing how each Christian is a temple, but how God is bringing people together to form a temple. Why is it important that we emphasize how God is working through the church and not just through individuals?
  3. We are also called His honored people (1 Peter 2:7 & 10). Peter says Jesus is a rock that will either lead to your shame or your honor. Explain why Jesus is like a rock that either leads to you being saved or crushed.  We said it is important to always come back to the shame and humiliation He experienced at the cross if we want to experience honor like He did in His resurrection.  Why is it important that we learn how to keep coming back to the cross?  How do we do this?
  4. In 1 Peter 2:5 & 9, we are called His holy priests. We don’t have priests, or a temple, or sacrifices in the exact way God’s people did in the Old Testament. But the New Testament teaches us Jesus is a priest, and the temple, and the ultimate sacrifice. Explain how Jesus is the fulfillment of each of the aspects.  Not only is Jesus referred to as a priest, but we are called priests.  In what way are we priests?  Why should this encourage us?  Do you take advantage of the opportunity as a priest to go directly to God in prayer? 
  5. Even though this world is not our ultimate home and heaven is our home, we still battle against our own flesh (1 Peter 2:11). This battle is a continual reminder that we do need to be saved from this world and even from ourselves. Why is it healthy to understand that we will fight this internal battle until the Lord returns?
  6. While we are passing through this world as sojourners, we are missional exiles. This means we are supposed to be making an impact and having an influence on others. Based on 1 Peter 2:12, what is our purpose for being here in this world?  Was there a person in your life who had a significant influence on you because they represented Christ well to you?  Who are some people in your life right now you can start being more intentional about representing Christ and telling them about Him?