Christina Schott

Christina Schott
Serving in: Alexandria, Virginia
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I am serving in the US with the organization, Grow2Serve, helping to creating online, cross-cultural training.

I have a heart to work alongside churches and missions organizations to send short-term and long-term missionaries. I currently serve through United World Mission to work with Grow2Serve in cross-cultural training. I’m the Program Manager for Operations, as well as an Instructional Designer and Cross-Cultural Training Consultant.

My experience includes living overseas as a missionary, serving on mission committees, researching best practices in missions, and developing training programs. I bring my knowledge and experience to churches and missions organizations as they seek to emphasize missions and effectively engage in mission. I am able to provide guidance on developing a missions strategy, developing training for missionaries, and planning and executing mission trips that will have an eternal impact.
While living overseas as a missionary, God led me to return to the U.S. to prepare others to serve Him cross-culturally and eventually marry my loving, supportive husband Ben.

Prayer Requests:
For spiritual vitality and to bring God glory and praise
For me and Ben to trust God for provision, contentment, joy and perseverance
For ministry resulting in missionaries and ministers connecting worldwide to quality, transformative learning resulting in healthy spiritual lives, personal growth, and fruitful ministry