Isaac & Becca Herold

Isaac and Becca Herold
Serving in: Greeley
Christian Challenge Directors at University of Northern Colorado

Becca and I met at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) during a spring club fair. At the time she was working for the Navigators at UCCS, and I was still working with Christian Challenge. Through a mutual love of college students we began hanging out, and after a year and a half we were married.

We both have a growing love for bringing the gospel message to college campuses. College ministry had a huge impact on both of us and we both feel strongly called to invest in college students for as long as God will allow. We are excited for this new season of marriage and pray that God will bring us together in a unique way to meet and minister to college students in a capacity we have not been able to before.

We are now the directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). 


Christian Challenge is part of the Baptist Collegiate Network and has been at UNC for many years. We have seven others on the staff team that we will be leading. Our group is dedicated to help students come to know Jesus, to learn to live like him, and to change the world through him.

We accomplish this by intentionally engaging students on campus with biblical truths and creating a community where students can have fellowship with one another. We do this through large group Bible studies, community groups, and service opportunities throughout our campus and community. We also strongly encourage students to belong to a local church where they can also serve the larger community throughout our city.