Jonathan Ferre

Jonathan Ferre
Serving in: Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak Baptist Association Church Planter

In May 2015, Myrna, my wife, and our kids Peniel (10) and Jonatán (8) moved to Colorado Springs from Puerto Rico with the mission of planting a gospel-centered church to reach the Hispanic community of this City; since then Mirelix (3) has joined our family in this mission.

At the beginning of 2016 we started a Bible Study in our apartment with one family. In the middle of that year we started worship services and started reaching more people. After three years Iglesia y Verdad (IGV) meets on Sunday Mornings for Worship and Wednesday nights for Bible Study; both in Spanish for adults. During those times the kids participate in bible lessons taught in English. We meet at Garden Ranch Baptist Church, in a small Chapel beside their main Sanctuary.

Daily we encounter the brokenness and need for the Gospel in our Hispanic Community; our mission is to be delighted on Jesus’ love for us, so that we are moved to share Him with others. As our church keeps growing, continue praying for leadership development; teachers for our kids and youth; so that we are able to keep reaching our Community. For more details or information, you can contact us at