Mark & Lona Webb

Mark & Lona Webb
Serving in: Ireland

Lona and I always felt God’s call to ministry, particularly to missions. On family vacations to England, Scotland and Wales, we would visit churches, large and small, and read the memorials. Most of them would say “To the glory of God” and talk about the wonderful things that person and/or family had done for God and country, yet the church service attendance was very small. God was opening our hearts and eyes to the spiritual climate of Western Europe.

We never felt God was calling us to those countries, so we kept plodding along: me going to Brasil and Lona and I going to Croatia. We then decided to go to Ireland and that was when we felt our heart strings pulled.

After talking to the IMB and being told they would not send us there, we started looking for another mission agency and found CrossWorld. The organization began in 1931 and has over 400 workers in at least 36 geographic locations around the world.

By God’s grace we moved to Killarney in July 2011. There we support the work already in progress at Grace Fellowship. Bible teaching, preaching and forming relationships (being salt and light) are the main focus, but music plays a big part as well!

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