Missions Prayer request

This week begins the third week of our Virtual Missions Conference.  This week we high light a couple who has been ministering in Asia for the past ten years.  They have a new role in the International Missions Board (IMB) – that of reporting back what is going on in the trenches all over Asia and nurturing partnerships between churches and missionaries.  They are the IMB’s marketing specialists heading a team of creative professionals documenting how God is moving through IMB missionaries all over the Asian continent.  Please take time to watch Herb and Celeste’s video at …2021 Missions Conference – Vista Grande Baptist Church (vgbc.org)


Also, if you missed any of the previous week’s missionaries, you may also catch up there as well.  Please plug in with your missionaries.  Send them a card or an e-mail encouraging them.


Week of 3 July 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Kent and Elizabeth and their family will be in Texas visiting family and partnering churches for the next three weeks.  Pray new donors/supporters will step up to support the Slacks.  They have been able to participate in several new student orientation events this summer.  Pray contacts with these students will result in students getting involved with Christian Challenge.  Pray for the Christian Challenge leadership selection process and that the Lord would give them guidance in selecting the perfect team for the following school year.  Christian Challenge summer Bible studies have been well attended.  Thank the Lord and pray for continued growth among students




Herb and Celeste: Herb and Celeste are in the US visiting family – pray for peaceful fellowship and renewal time with family and friends.  While in the US, pray the Lord will give them opportunities to serve and share this summer.  Pray the Lord will guide church leaders in their country how to navigate this new season of COVID ministry.  Pray the next virtual Zoom Room on July 13th will go well and that more people will learn about the needs in Japan and other areas in Asia.


Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: (Johannesburg, South Africa) The team has been in South Africa for four weeks.  Jaymee Collins reports of Bible studies in which they were able to talk about the parable of the man who built his house on the rock.  Brooks talks about being involved with a team who has been discipling three businessmen from downtown. He says they are very eager to grow in their faith and want to share the gospel.  Another team member talks about going to a nearby village and starting a soccer game between themselves and some children.  Before long over 30 children were playing soccer.  Halfway through the game they decided to take a break and share some Bible stories with these children. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and truth sharing!


Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) In the Middle East it is very difficult to hear about Jesus and Christianity.  But many people in Arabic countries are thirsting for the Gospel!  One ministry partner in an Arabic-speaking country forwarded this testimony.  An Egyptian camera technician reached out to the Christian radio station wanting to know more about Jesus and how to live with Him.  He wanted to know everything to know about Him and Christianity in detail.  Now He is grateful he was shown the road to salvation.  He reads and studies the materials sent to him from the radio partner.  Praise God for new brothers and sisters in these closed countries.  Pray the Lord will provide people to disciple and nurture these new Christians.  Pray these new Christians will share the Gospel with others thirsting for the truth.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord – there were 37 people attending last Sunday’s service and 7 children.  Grace Baptist is grateful for the relationship they have with Saint Oliver’s National School.  They’ve had good relationships with the principal and vice principal over the years.  Recently the principal took a new national position in the Catholic school system and the vice principal retired after 40 years in the school system.  Grace Baptist has purchased Bibles for them.  Pray these men and their families will follow Christ.  Pray for the new principal and vice principal and that Grace Baptist will be able to establish good relationships with the new leadership.  Praise – a lady who has experienced medical issues for the past 16 months has had some relief from pain.  Praise the Lord for a man who will soon start helping with Wednesday night Bible study and Sunday preaching!