MIssions Prayer Requests


Home Missionaries                                                                            Week of 27 May 2020


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS/Greeley) Two weeks ago Isaac and Becca began a sprint toward raising an additional $2,100 to handle their increased needs as they transition to their new job as directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado!  At the end of week one of they had reached 35% of their goal.  As of last week they are now at 71% of their goal!  Pray for this couple as they undertake this position of leadership at UNC.


Emily Skinner: (COS) The leadership at Mission Training International has decided to cancel the June Compass Training program.  With so many participants unable to attend the classes it did not seem cost effective to hold the class.  The MTI facility’s team has conducted a “deep cleaning” of the facility.  Emily has had some time to review her curriculum.  Pray for the executive team as they stay abreast of government guidelines and as they make decisions when to start operations again.  Pray for their wisdom and rest.  Emily left this past week to visit her parents in North Carolina.  Pray for her rest, recuperation and support raising.  Pray for her safety as she travels.


Foreign Missionaries


K and B:  K and B have been given enormous responsibilities.  They are to oversee a new team responsible for portions of several countries.  They will minister to 25 people groups.  While K and B are feeling a little overwhelmed there are some wonderful blessings which come along with this change.  They are inheriting a team of proven veterans who know their people groups and have a long track record with some of them.  Several team members are American-born from one of the people groups and are fluent in their language!  K and B also do not have to move.  Pray for K and B as they get to know their team and their target people groups.  Pray they will rest in the Lord and know He has made them more than adequate for the task ahead.


Oswald and Amanda: O, A and family have completed their two week quarantine and are staying with A’s parents.  They are scheduling some medical appointments for both Rocky and Amanda.  Amanda will hopefully have a procedure next week.  After she recovers they will travel to COS for a visit.  Please pray for them as they have medical appointments and reconnect with family.  All their travel plans hinge on travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If there is anyone who has an extra van for a small family to use in the coming weeks, please contact Doug Wamble.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Mark and Lona are inviting their supporters to contact them so they can set a date on Skype or Zoom to simply catch up with each other.  Please reach out to them to schedule your connection with them.  Praise – a few Killarney “do-it-yourself” businesses have opened up!  Lona met with some ladies from the church recently at an outside café!  During a walk earlier this week, Mark connected with his farmer friend.  The farmer asked Mark about his beliefs.  Pray for the ultimate outcome of all these connections.  God is moving behind the scenes in these people’s lives.  Pray they all would develop strong ties to Most High God! 

Herb and Celeste: Last week H and C had lunch with their neighbors.  During that time they had a spiritual conversation.  The next day their neighbors accompanied them to church!  Pray for soft hearts to receive the Gospel!  They just received word there is a document which needs to be resubmitted to the US.  The government has allowed another thirty day extension.  The new deadline to receive resident visas is now 26 July.  Pray the process will proceed smoothly and result in resident visas!  Pray for them to be good Gospel witnesses to others.  Pray for peace and favor with other believers.  Pray H and C will clearly present the Gospel message.

Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Please continue to pray for Robbyn’s double vision.  Her vision improved last month and we have been praying this improvement would be sustained.  So far there has been no regression in her vision.  Pray her vision continues to improve and does not worsen.