Missions Prayer Requests

Prayer For Prisoners International is holding a Golf Benefit Friday, May 14th at Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club.  To register or for more details contact the PFPI office at 719.275.6971 or Rick at 719.371.0591.  You may also email Rick at rick@prayerforprisoners.org.  Please see the Prayer for Prisoners web site about this event at PFPI Golf Benefit (prayerforprisoners.org).


Week of 9 May 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) This has been a great semester!  The Christian Challenge (CC) leadership continues to meet new students and see spiritual growth.  This growth is so encouraging.  It is time to begin selecting leadership for the fall semester.  Pray the Lord would lead them to the right students and pray these students will be willing to accept this responsibility.  Brooks Salgado will be returning next year.  Also pray for a new couple (Matthew and Cassie) as they come on staff at CC and move to COS.  Pray for their fundraising.  They hope to move here by end of May.  Five of their students/staff will participate in missions trips this summer.  Pray for open borders, fundraising, airfare and expeditious visa/passport processing.


Life Network: (COS) Life Network is celebrating the mothers in our lives!  Pray for their clients who come in for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.  Pray for God’s intervention as they see their little one on the screen realizing they are already mothers.  Pray the Life Network team demonstrates compassion and encouragement as their clients go through a series of emotions to process their next steps.  Pray for the moms who go through Life Network’s parenting education program.  Often they are on this parenting journey with very little support outside of Life Network.  Pray these moms feel validated, encouraged and equipped in their motherhood journey.


Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) Pray for the spiritual health ministries at Springs Rescue Mission.  Pray for Sunday morning services led by Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  Pray for these believers as they teach from the Gospels and pray for residents at the Rescue Mission.  Pray for other ministries such as the Monday and Thursday morning Bible study and the Monday evening Bible study.  Pray these ministries will impact the homeless of Colorado Springs for Christ.  Pray for those who minister in Jesus’ name that they convey the genuine love of Christ.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) They had their last Challenge night Tuesday, April 27th and this past Saturday, May 1st, was the last event of the semester.  Pray for their students as they break for the summer.  One student is participating in an overseas missions trip.  They have already started plans for the fall semester.  They should have a leadership team of eight students returning in the fall.  The University of Northern Colorado has already made a decision to come back “in person” in the fall.  Pray for their wisdom as they make their plans for the fall semester.  Eight of their students are graduating.  Pray these students will be strong and resilient in their walk in the Lord as they take their faith into the work place.  Pray for Isaac and Becca as they attend Collegiate Summit meetings in Nashville 5-9 May.  Pray for them to be able to recharge by themselves.  Pray for marriage renewal, fun and laughter in the midst of fellowship and learning.




Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley are previous VGBC members.  They both teach music at Gyeonggi Suwon International School.  The week of 26 Apr, their elementary school grades held their spiritual emphasis week.  The COVID-19 cases have been spiking – they were concerned they might have to move into a hybrid (distance learning) protocol before ending the spiritual emphasis week.  Praise the Lord they were able to finish the week in person!  All the students received Bibles and were shown how the Bible is the source of the answers to their questions.  They were also given tools on how to navigate their Bibles.  It has been rewarding to see these students in the halls reading their Bibles.  Pray these students will find the Bible is the source of all truth.  The Jackson family will be returning to the US for a short three week visit this summer.  Contact Doug Wamble if you would like to help them defer some of their travel costs.  An international, round trip ticket for a family of six is huge!


Herb and Celeste: There is a prayer zoom room coming up on May 11th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  Pray for participants and all technical aspects to go flawlessly.  Pray for divine appointments that people would trust in Christ as their Savior and Lord.  Pray for two teammates’ visa paperwork to process quickly without problem.  Pray for another teammate to pass a language examination so they can join Herb and Celeste’s team.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord meeting restrictions are being loosened!  Grace Baptist Church will meet in person on Sunday, May 16th – the first time since December 2020!  Pray the local magazine advertisement pricks people’s interest in Grace Baptist.  Pray for Lona as she prepares the children’s Sunday school lesson.  Pray for Mark as he prepares and finishes preaching through Isaiah.  Pray for revival – that the Lord would move in people’s hearts throughout Killarney and Ireland.


Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: (COS) They have been approved to attend this summer’s Asian short term missions project.  They are both trying to raise $5,000 for this trip.  Pray for them as they get ready to minister in Asia.  Brooks will be the team leader.  Four other students will join the team from other schools.  Pray for the missionaries their team is supporting.  COVID -19 precautions will likely cause this project to be very fluid.  Pray for a valid ministry to the people in this area.