Missions Prayer Requests

Thank you for helping our church reach the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering goal of $35,000!  The final amount received was $35,221!  This is the first time in recent times we reached and surpassed this goal.  Thank you, church family, for encouraging missionaries and church planting efforts in the US and Canada!


Week of 16 May 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Thank You, VGBC, for allowing Christian Challenge (CC) to use your facility for Bible study gatherings.  CC will continue to meet for study this summer but at the Slack’s home.  The FOCUS team continues to prepare for their overseas mission trip.  The sending organization will make a final decision soon on what country the team will be ministering in based on whether the country is open to receive travelers and their in-country support.  Pray fervently that this team will be able to serve overseas!  The Slacks will soon be selecting student leadership for the next semester.  Pray the Lord would bring them the right leaders willing to serve.  Matthew and Cassie Allan will join the Christian Challenge staff in late May.  Pray for their support raising.  They have found a home to rent.  Pray the Lord will use this couple mightily at Christian Challenge.


Life Network: (COS) There are new mothers in the Pikes Peak area who just celebrated their first Mother’s Day because of Life Network.  Recently a young woman came to one of their pregnancy centers for an ultrasound.  The young mom told the Life Network volunteer she had made an appointment for an abortion.  The Life Network team prayed for this woman and her baby.  The ultrasound revealed the vibrant life inside her!  The young woman asked questions about her baby’s health and her own.  The Life Network volunteer shared the fact the mom was asking questions about her baby revealed she was already a great mom!  The young mother later shared it just was not right to go through with the abortion.  Days later this young mother came back to the Life Network clinic with a thank you card signed by her and her boyfriend.  They were so grateful for their advocate’s kindness, compassion and reassurance that made the difference in their decision to keep the baby and step into parenthood with confidence.  Pray for numerous couples like this one – that they will choose life – that they will experience the love of Christ.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Isaac and Becca are just back from the Collegiate Summit in Nashville.  Pray this time was a restful and insightful time for them and the Christian Challenge ministry at the University of Northern Colorado.  Pray for them as they develop and invest in their leadership team of eight students who will return in the fall.




Oswald and Amanda:  They are finally in a home they can call their own.  Praise the Lord for their supervisors and team who have helped them know where to shop and find the things needed to set up their home!  Many of the team families have children and O and A’s boys have enjoyed playing with them and making new friends.  They are getting involved in their neighborhood and with their people group.  Amanda is participating in a lady’s Bible study – pray for relationships to grow.   Oswald is partnering with other ministry people and learning how to share the Gospel message with the target people they are trying to reach.  Their country has had an increase in COVID-19 cases and now is in lockdown.  Pray for O, A and family, for their safety and wisdom in how to navigate this new place and witness to their people in the midst of a lockdown.


Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: (COS) Pray for the details to their overseas missions trip to come together.  The exact location is being decided soon.  They are both trying to raise $5,000 for this trip.  Pray for them as they get ready to minister wherever the Lord is leading.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley are previous VGBC members.  They both teach music at Gyeonggi Suwon International School.  Some of Dusty’s students have come to him for guidance on issues they are dealing with.  One student shared she was struggling with an eating disorder.  Pray for Dusty as he counsels this girl.  Pray she will be released from this addiction.  The Jackson family will be returning to the US for a short three week visit this summer.  Contact Doug Wamble if you would like to help them defer some of their travel costs.  An international, round trip ticket for a family of six is huge!


Herb and Celeste: This past week they had three virtual events – pray each event served the Lord’s purpose in strengthening the body of Christ and encouraging believers to be more involved in missions as individual believers and as a church!  Praise the Lord – teammates have received approval to move to H and C’s location and join their team!  H and C are leading an English Corner group for the next three Thursday evenings.  Pray each of these evenings will be a time to practice English and prompt spiritual conversations that encourage believers and “not yet” believers!


K and B:  Pray for their teammates as they are in various phases of waiting for visas into their assigned country.  Only one of the seven units comprising K and B’s team are actually in country.  Pray the COVID-19 virus will subside and borders to be accessible.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Their son, Ian, graduated from secondary school this past week!  Thank you for praying for him over the past ten years.  Please continue to pray for him as he transitions to university where he plans to attend Munster Technical University to study animation.  Praise the Lord many COVID restrictions have been lifted!  This means retail stores are opening and churches can resume meeting in person in limited numbers using social distancing.  Grace Baptist Church will meet in person on Sunday, May 16th.  Pray for a couple Mark has been counseling.  Pray for revival – that the Lord would move in people’s hearts throughout Killarney and Ireland!


Robbyn Booker: (Southern Spain) For the last few months we have been praying for the pastors and their churches in Southern Spain to partner with Radio Vida which transmits Christian programming on the FM spectrum in Southern Spain.  Please pray for the missionary staff and pastors as they draw up legal documents between Reach Beyond, Radio Vida and the pastors as they bring this partnership into a legal reality.  Pray for a unified spirit amongst all participants.  Pray they will all have a singleness of purpose to reach the lost for Christ and to encourage believers in this area.