Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 8 Jun 2020


Please consider a one-time gift to pay for the backup power generator for the Shema Media Group’s radio station in Mardin, Turkey.  The power grid in Southeastern Turkey is unreliable, causing the station in Mardin to drop off the air several times daily.  The generator will allow reliable, uninterrupted Christian programming to the many listeners of this area.  Please see Robbyn Booker’s prayer request below.  Please visit the VGBC missions web page at https://www.vgbc.org/support-shema/ for details on how to support this need. 


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Please pray for the Slacks and Christian Challenge.  There are many unknowns about the fall semester.  And there are fewer staff and volunteers.  They are trying to figure out what the fall semester will look like.    Will they meet in person or on Zoom?  There are only so many virtual meetings and activities one can handle before they lose interest.  Pray worthy and trusted helpers will step forward to provide help and added wisdom as they plan for the fall.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS/Greeley) Pray for Isaac and Rebecca as they transition to the directorship of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.




Herb and Celeste: Herb and Celeste continue to wait for an important document necessary to complete their visa application.  Pray this document comes soon.  They need to be approved for their residency by July 26.  Their neighbors have agreed to attend church with them again!  Pray their hearts will be softened and the Gospel will pierce both their hearts.  Pray H and C will know the best way to minister to their neighbors.  Pray H and C will be able to learn new software they would like to use in a new project.


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Pray for the city of Stip where Amanda lives.  They are seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases.  Recently a taxi driver and some factory workers tested positive for the virus.  Factories are a big part of the Stip economy and now five factories are closed and 250 workers and their families are in isolation.  Pray for city leadership’s wisdom as they consider steps to reduce virus spread.  Pray for holy boldness for Amanda and opportunities to clearly speak of the Gospel.


Oswald and Amanda: Amanda’s surgery went well last week and she is recuperating.  Pray for her continued healing.  We look forward to seeing them here in a few weeks when she feels well enough to travel.  Pray for a good fit for Rocky’s new prosthetic arm and that he will “agree” with his new limb!  Pray for their future – visas to return to their ministry area, their time here in Colorado Springs and their rest from a tremendously stressful experience in EA.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Restrictions are slowly lifting.  They are now allowed to travel within their county.  Retail stores are now opening.  Walking clubs are resuming – pray for Mark and his conversations and relationships with old walking friends.  Several family situations within the church are going through difficult times.  Pray for the families to seek the Lord’s guidance for wisdom.  Pray for St. Oliver’s National School as they received new guidelines from the Department of Education.  Grace Baptist hopes to be able to return to the school but will follow the Lord’s lead.


K and B: K and B are interviewing a couple who have over 20 years’ experience ministering to one of the 25 people groups their team is trying to reach.  This couple, like K and B, can no longer re-enter their original country of ministry.  Pray for K and B’s new team – for their unity of heart and spirit.  Pray for the synergy that can happen when like-minded people seek the Lord with one mission at heart!  Pray the Lord will give K and B new and fresh insight into how to minister to this huge area of Asia.  Pray the Lord will minister to K and B and that their hearts will listen to His Holy Spirit.


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Mardin, Turkey is not traditionally considered as part of the Arab world; however the city is bustling with Arabs. This city, close to the Tigris River is about 31 miles from the Syrian border and has become a safe place and home to many Iraqi and Syrian refugees in recent years. Though many are unaware, God is present, and his Spirit is moving in Mardin. Please pray for Reach Beyond’s ministry partner, Radio Shema as they transmit the gospel in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac.  Especially during this time of uncertainty with COVID, many businesses are failing, tourism is almost non-existent and the livelihood of many who have already been through so much is once again uncertain. People are seeking answers and Radio Shema is transmitting hope, love and forgiveness 24 hours a day. Please pray that people will hear and respond to the gospel; also, pray for the Shema staff as they work tirelessly to reach out to so many that are seeking answers to their problems and who need to know Christ.