Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 23 May 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Kevin Green: (COS) On June 19, VGBC will be hosting an event called Equip America. The goal of this event is to get area pastors and church leaders excited and passionate to share the Gospel.  The training will be taught by Evangelism Explosion President, John Sorenson, and National Director, Randall Wood.  After the morning training the entire group will have lunch and then fan out across Colorado Springs to share Christ!  Please pray for this entire event on June 19th.  Pray for the pastors and church leaders being trained to have open hearts to learn.  Pray they will make sharing Christ a passion in their churches.


Life Network: (COS) Saturday June 5th is the Walk for Life fundraiser.  Every dollar raised makes a life-saving difference.  Every $50 raised by a walker or runner covers the cost of one life-saving ultrasound for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.  And 85 percent of the women who receive ultrasounds at the Life Network pregnancy centers choose life after meeting their babies!  Log in or simply donate at elifenetwork.com.




Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: Praise God – Brooks and Jaymee are headed to South Africa.  Pray the Lord will reveal details of this trip and what their ministry will look like.  Pray for them as they prepare their hearts and minds for ministry.  Pray for their funding to come through.  If you can help fund a portion of this ministry outreach, please designate missions funds in a pink envelope from our foyer brochure rack earmarked for summer FOCUS ministry.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Next year Ashley will move back into the classroom as a music teacher in the elementary school.  It has been ten years since she taught in a classroom.  Pray for her as she prepares for this new role.


Herb and Celeste: Pray for the many details which need to fall into place before their return to the US next month.  Pray for the process to renew their resident cards and receive COVID vaccinations.


K and B:  Pray for their teammates as they are in various phases of waiting for visas into their assigned country.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord – this past Sunday was Grace Baptist Church’s first “in person” meeting in 2021!  Thirty-five people attended their service.  Ian had a lovely graduation ceremony!  Retail stores are reopening and restrictions are gradually relaxing.  Pray for new and better ways to connect with the Killarney community.  Pray Grace Baptist’s advertisement in the local magazine will bring people to Grace Baptist.  Pray for the staff and teachers at St. Oliver’s National School


Robbyn Booker: (Southern Spain) Last month Robbyn told us about the devastating fire at the Rohingya refugee camp on the Bangladesh border.  Since the fire it has been difficult to get medical teams into the area to assess the situation.  One partner is a nurse we will call Hannah.  Hannah teaches young Rohingya women about prenatal education such as nutrition, pregnancy complications, childbirth and breastfeeding.  The medical program also allows Hannah to make weekly home visits to these women to simply “do life” with them – which means cook, eat, play with their babies, go to the market.  Most of these women are not allowed to leave their homes, so Hannah really becomes a friend who can share Christ with them.  Pray for these Rohingya women and the relationship they have with Hannah and others like her who want to share the love of Christ.