Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 11 Jun 2020


A Reach Beyond ministry partner in Turkey is the Shema Media group which operates four radio stations in four cities in Turkey.  One of their stations is in Mardin, Turkey.  The power grid in Southeastern Turkey is unreliable, causing the station in Mardin to drop off the air several times daily.  Shema wants to outfit this station with a backup generator allowing the station to broadcast uninterrupted Christian programming to Turkish and Syrian listeners in this area.  We hope to raise $7,000 to help them in this effort.  So far our church has provided $2,200 to make this happen!  Please visit the VGBC missions web page at https://www.vgbc.org/support-shema/ for details on how to you may help.  Also view the two videos about the Shema Media group.  We will end our request for help at the end of June.


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kevin Green: (COS) Please pray for Kevin as he stays in contact with area pastors.  Pray the Lord would go before him as he speaks to pastors about Evangelism Explosion’s curriculums and training classes.  Pray pastors would be open to teaching their congregations about how to share their faith with the lost.




K and B: K and B’s daughter-in-law has contracted COVID-19 and strep!  So far their son has not shown any symptoms of illness.  Pray for this young couple – their health, safety and healing.  Pray for K and B as they pray for their children from half way across the world.  In the midst of this development pray for K and B’s unity as they lead a new team of ambassadors.  Pray the Lord will unite this team and help them strategize how to reach their people groups.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) There have been no new COVID-19 cases in their county for the past 29 days!  Mark has been enjoying the walking club interactions.  Pray for families in their church who have been experiencing difficulty.  The annual “walk through” of their rental home was this past week.  Mark and Lona identified several areas (leaks) which need to be fixed.  As recorded months ago there is black mold which can be hazardous.  They are praying the property management company will fix the leaks which cause the black mold and possibly install a more powerful extractor fan to remove the mold spores.  Pray these issues can be resolved.


Herb and Celeste: Herb and Celeste are now leading a team of creative people communicating how God is working to expand His Kingdom while sharing the Gospel.  Their focus is furthering communications about Asia by telling God’s stories through testimonials, photos and videos.  Their goal is to get readers and listeners engaged in God’s work in Asia.    Praise – their neighbors have been going to church with them!


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Reach Beyond’s April board meeting revealed the ministry has realized great fruit in the last few years.  However various factors have caused a financial strain which make their present ministry model unsustainable.  As a result they are looking into partnerships with like-minded organizations.  Please pray for their attempts to partner with other organizations to broadcast into countries that need to hear the Gospel. Pray for the new president of Reach Beyond, Daniel Enns, as he steers Reach Beyond during this turbulent time.  Please pray for the Spotlight English club back in Spain.  You will remember a young missionary, wife and family helped Robbyn start the club by providing their ministry center for local residents to learn the English language.  At first there was only a handful of people who attended.  Just before Robbyn left Spain a Muslim woman who had provided Spanish lessons decided to bring her class to join the Spotlight English club.  Now there are 45 men, women and children attending this club.  Pray for the possibility to read English from a Bible!