Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 28 Jun 2020


The Shema Media Group broadcasts the Gospel into Turkey and neighboring countries.  One of their stations in Mardin, Turkey broadcasts into Southeastern Turkey and Syria.  The power grid in Southeastern Turkey is unreliable, causing the station in Mardin to drop off the air several times daily.  VGBC is raising support to provide a backup generator to keep this station on the air twenty-four hours a day.  So far we have raised $2,400 of the $7,000 needed to provide this generator.  This Sunday is the last Sunday we will ask your support for this project.  Please visit the VGBC mission web page at https://www.vgbc.org/support-shema/ for details on how you may help.  Please see the two videos about the Shema Media Group.


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily is in North Carolina visiting her parents.  It has been a restful time with parents to reflect on COVID-19 and MTI and the impact MTI has had on missions around the world.  An insightful part of her dealing with COVID-19 and the many emotions which come with this disease is the building of her “Quarantine Gratitude List!”  She has built a list of attributes for which she is grateful to God as we deal with the COVID pandemic!  Praise God, on June 22nd MTI will host a 5-day debriefing (DAR) class!  And the next Compass class will begin in July.  Pray for Emily as she drives back to Colorado.  Pray for the MTI staff and for the future students who will attend.  Pray for their safety and health as students begin to travel.


Kevin Green: (COS) The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on one-on-one evangelism efforts and training!  But God is not dismayed by this virus.  The lost can still hear the Gospel sitting or standing six feet from a faithful Jesus follower.  Pray for area pastors to understand the importance of this moment in the life of their churches.  Pray God would provide pastors who would have a heart for teaching methods of sharing Christ with their church family.  Please prayerfully consider supporting Kevin as he raises financial support.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, Colorado) Praise God!  Isaac and Becca’s sprint for an additional $2,100 of monthly support has reached 100 percent!  Thank you Lord!  In addition to that, a generous donor has offered to match any gifts received through Aug 1st up to $15,000 to pay off their student loan debt!  Imagine how freeing and empowering it would be to relieve this young couple of this student debt!  Please visit the web site at https://missionaries.namb.net/full/isaac-herold to give an additional gift and invest in their future ministry.  If you can help them with their move, they are packing their household goods Friday evening, July 10th and unpacking their goods in Greeley Saturday July 11th.  Contact them at Isaacherold@gmail.com.




K and B: K and B’s daughter-in-law is improving from COVID-19.  Their son has stayed well also and continues to nurse his wife from afar!  K and B are gathering information about their target people groups and praying for them.  Ask the Lord to expand K and B’s understanding and also their love for these people groups!  Pray the Lord would prepare the hearts of these people groups to hear and receive the truth of God’s great love for them and plan for redemption.


Oswald, Amanda and family: It is very likely they will be in the US through the end of the year!  They have made housing arrangements in Monument, Colorado from August to the end of September and then in Denver from October through January 2021.  Please pray for their time in Colorado as they spend time with family.  They will likely be speaking at churches over these months.  Pray for their impact on others who might be called to missions.


Herb and Celeste: This week Herb and Celeste hope to have 3-4 suitcases shipped from their previous home to their current location.  The rest of their belongings at their previous apartment will likely go to friends or friends of friends.  Pray for their company as it appears many colleagues are coming home to wait out the virus impact.