Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 5 Jul 2020


Thank you for supporting the Shema Media Group with your gifts for the much needed backup generator in Mardin, Turkey.  During the month of June you provided $3,400 for this effort!  They only lack $3,600 for this generator.  We are officially closing our push for funds, but if you wish to continue to provide support contact Robbyn Booker at songbooker@yahoo.com.  Thank you for investing in this area of the world!


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Life Network: (COS) Praise God, Life Network reached their “Walk for Life” goal of $400,000!  Pray God would grant special blessings on those who walked and sponsored walkers ensuring Life Network can continue to bless those in need in Colorado Springs.  Recently a client came to their clinic that had lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Finances were tight and she was depressed.  During her ultrasound she met her baby for the first time and chose life!  They presented her a gift card donated for clients in need and she walked out with a smile on her face and hope in her heart!  Pray for this ministry and that women would choose life for their babies and surrender their own lives to Jesus.


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily is in North Carolina visiting her parents.  It has been a restful time with parents to reflect on COVID-19 and MTI and the impact MTI has had on missions around the world.  An insightful part of her dealing with COVID-19 and the many emotions which come with this disease is the building of her “Quarantine Gratitude List!”  She has built a list of attributes for which she is grateful to God as we deal with the COVID pandemic!  The next Compass class will begin in July.  Pray for Emily as she drives back to Colorado.  Pray for the MTI staff and for the future students who will attend.  Pray for their safety and health as students begin to travel.


Kevin Green: (COS) The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on one-on-one evangelism efforts and training!  But God is not dismayed by this virus.  The lost can still hear the Gospel sitting or standing six feet from a faithful Jesus follower.  Pray for area pastors to understand the importance of this moment in the life of their churches.  Pray God would provide pastors who would have a heart for teaching methods of sharing Christ with their church family.  Please prayerfully consider supporting Kevin as he raises financial support.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, Colorado) This Sunday (5 July) is Isaac and Becca’s last Sunday with us before they leave for their official duties as Director of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado!  They need help packing their household goods and unpacking in Greeley.  If you can help them with their move, they are packing their household goods Friday evening, July 10th and unpacking their goods in Greeley Saturday July 11th.  Contact them at Isaacherold@gmail.com.




Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Robbyn’s mother’s ankle is doing much better!  Pray for Robbyn’s granddaughter, Emily.  She is the single mother of the two little boys they care for.  She has struggled to find a job to help her pay the mortgage and care for her boys.  She tore the cartilage in her chest in June making most work including picking up her boys very painful.  Pray for complete healing and that the Lord would provide for her and her family’s needs.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty’s arm has healed!  In fact his doctor cleared him for a 600 km bike ride from Incheon to Busan!  Weeks ago Dusty successfully (and safely) completed that ride with another teacher and two students in six days despite one day of rain.  One of the students is skeptical of God – his speech is clearly antagonistic!  Pray the relationships borne out of this trip will help soften the skeptic’s heart so he will see the need for a Savior!  Dusty is working on his last class – he saved his favorite class for last – Jesus’ parables!  Pray for a wonderful time in God’s Word – soon he will have his Master of Divinity degree!


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) It has been good to reconnect with friends at the walking club!  Pray for continued spiritual discussions and that the Lord would lead the conversation.  Pray Mark will help supply the Gospel message through a loving, kind spirit.  As Ireland opens up from health restrictions, pray there will be no spikes in COVID-19 cases.  St Oliver’s National School is not allowing people in their facility during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Pray for a workaround solution for Grace Baptist Church since they would like to begin meeting but have no location to use.


K and B: K and B’s daughter-in-law has no more COVID-19 symptoms!  Their son remains well!  Continue to pray for K and B’s new team.  Some of the team players are not yet in their country of ministry.  Company personnel who are waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic have been serving near K and B’s city by distributing food in nearby villages and refugee camps.  Pray God would provide donors to share with those who are suffering during these difficult times.


Oswald, Amanda and family: It is very likely they will be in the US through the end of the year!  They have made housing arrangements in Monument, Colorado from August to the end of September and then in Denver from October through January 2021.  Please pray for their time in Colorado as they spend time with family.


Herb and Celeste: Tourist visas, the kind Herb and Celeste have, are no longer being extended.  Their current visas expire in about three weeks.  Unless the government permits long term visas, Herb and Celeste will have to wait in the US until this situation improves.  There are numerous company personnel in this same predicament.  Pray the Lord will help our ambassadors find favor with their governments so they may stay longer in an official capacity.  Pray the remnants of H and C’s previous apartment (cherished belongings in 3-4 suitcases) arrive at their current location before they have to leave country.