Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 6 Jun 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) Pray for the staff and volunteers as they share the love, hope and salvation that can only be found through faith in Christ.  Pray for Godly wisdom and sensitivity for their staff who seek to provide the mission’s clients with social services.


Emily Skinner: (COS) The April/May COMPASS (adults) and accompanying CHIPs (children) classes went well this past term.  The class graduated families destined to serve in 17 different nations.  As always, Emily’s little charges of two and three year olds were willing and moldable to learn how to help their parents when they serve overseas.  Here’s a comment from one family who participated.  “There has been much growth in our family. The program has prepared us for our journey in ways that we didn’t even know that we would need guidance in.”  There are open positions of service at Mission Training International (MTI), pray for God’s candidates to apply and that the positions will be filled in God’s timing.  Please pray for Emily’s back pain and for correct treatment.


Kevin Green: (COS) On June 19, VGBC will be hosting an event called Equip America. The goal of this event is to get area pastors and church leaders excited and passionate to share the Gospel.  The training will be taught by Evangelism Explosion President, John Sorenson, and National Director, Randall Wood.  After the morning training the entire group will have lunch and then fan out across Colorado Springs to share Christ!  Please pray for the pastors and church leaders being trained to have open hearts to learn.  Pray they will make sharing Christ a passion in their churches.




Herb and  Celeste: Please pray for their friends on the mainland as churches have come under increased scrutiny. Family churches can only meet in small numbers and their old international church now must turn in a list of everyone who attends their church to the government.  Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions newly approved teammates are still unable to travel to H and C’s location. H and C left their country this past week. Pray their time in the US is beneficial and restful!


Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) Last year VGBC made a contribution to an organization which needed a generator to allow 24 hour Christian radio programming in Turkey and neighboring countries.  Recently the radio station staff shared a family who has been listening to a foreign language broadcast came to faith as a result of these programs.  Their decision to come to faith in Jesus has had consequences.  Their people group does not condone Christianity and so this family has had to leave their city and assume new identities.  God has been faithful providing them fellow believers who have assisted and encouraged them.  It is said the father in this family is studying God’s word and growing!  Pray for this family (the Lord knows who they are) that the Lord will protect them and nourish them in their new walk with the One True God!


Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: Praise God – Brooks and Jaymee (and team) are safely in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Pray for the team’s health and safety as they make themselves available to develop relationships and share Christ with those who do not know Him personally.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord Mark received both virus vaccinations and no adverse reactions.  Please pray for revival in Killarney, County Kerry and all of Ireland. Please pray the advertisement in the local magazine will bring interested people to Grace Baptist Church. Pray for the couple Mark and Lona are counseling. Ian had his math exams this past week.  Pray the government will continue to lift COVID-19 restrictions.


Oswald and Amanda:  Pray for them and their new teammates as they work together to meet their people group, learn the language and customs and develop relationships with them.  Pray for Oswald and Amanda as they raise their children.  Pray the Lord would bless their marriage.