Missions Prayer Requests

Please plan to attend the Equip America workshop on June 19th at VGBC.  It will be taught by Evangelism Explosion President, John Sorenson and National Director, Randall Wood.  Lunch will be included and then in the afternoon people will have the opportunity to share Christ.


Week of 13 June 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Jonathan Ferre: (COS) Jonathan is in US Army Chaplain School at Fort Jackson, near Columbia, South Carolina.  He is a chaplaincy candidate for the US Army Reserves.  Pray for Myrna, his wife, and sons Jonatan and Peniel while he is away.  Pray for the pastor who is leading Garden Ranch Baptist Church in bi-lingual services.


Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) Families and church groups can make a huge impact at the Springs Rescue Mission.  There is an on-line application all volunteers must fill out.  Group leaders should schedule a tour with the Springs Rescue Mission.  Then each member of the group should volunteer for a shift to work.  Consult the list of volunteer opportunities.  Pray for the Springs Rescue Mission staff that they can minister to the needs of their guests with love and grace and show each guest they are of great worth before God!  Send questions to volunteer@springsrescuemission.org and get started today volunteering your time.  This is a great place for Sunday school classes to show the love of Christ.


Life Network: (COS) Praise God the Walk for Life fundraiser goal of $430,000 has been met and exceeded!  Over 2,000 people met at Memorial Park to participate and another 1,000 walkers and runners walked and ran across Colorado Springs!  Life Network has some employment opportunities.  Pray for the right people to fill these positions: Life Steps Assistant Director in the Fountain Valley office, Shift Supervisor for the Life Network Family Thrift Store, Part-time Staff Nurse in the Colorado Springs pregnancy centers, and full-time receptionist in the Fountain Valley pregnancy center.




Brooks Salgado and Jaymee Collins: (Johannesburg, South Africa) Our South Africa team has been on the ground for over a week.  They are staying in an air BNB near their hosts in Johannesburg.  Their hosts are urban church strategists who are trying to plant three new churches in the next five years.  The team has canvased and evangelized the area where the strategists are trying to start the first church.  This area is ridden with poverty and hopelessness.  They’ve also evangelized and held Bible studies in the city center.  They have helped a local church teaching English as a second language.  Of the 15 million people in and around Johannesburg, there are 300 different languages and more than fifty unreached people groups.  Pray this team will be emboldened by Holy Spirit to share Christ with these people.


Ken and Barbie: Most of their team is still waiting on clearance to enter their ministry country.  Pray COVID-19 cases will drop, allowing countries to open their doors and that missionaries can gain access to their assigned areas.  Pray for the health of these missionaries – some of them have children and the logistics of an international move is demanding and rigorous.  Pray for K and B as they enjoy their last few months of their home assignment.  They have been bonding with two precious granddaughters – pray for Grandpa’s and Grandma’s stamina as they keep up with these two girls!


Herb and  Celeste: Herb and Celeste are in the US to visit family.  Right now they are in a routine ten day quarantine for international travelers.  Pray for their brief time in the US.  Pray their reunion with family will be sweet!  Continue to pray for their team members as they work on electronic/virtual projects to give more visibility to International Mission Board missionaries in the Pacific Rim area.


Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) Robbyn’s mother, Imogene, saw a neurologist in mid-May.  She had an extensive evaluation resulting in changes to her medication.  The doctor hopes this new medication along with physical therapy and a more sophisticated walker will improve her quality of life.  Pray Imogene’s response to the new medication will have the desired results.  The Christian radio programming which reaches into Arabic countries continues to turn hearts to Christ.  Recently a thirty year old gentleman replied to a Reach Beyond partner’s web site acknowledging he had questions about Jesus.  In the days ahead a ministry partner reached out to the man and asked him how they could help and listened to his questions.  The following day, the ministry partner followed up with another call.  A conversation continued over several days and resulted in the man praying to receive Jesus as his Savior.  This man continues to get answers to questions about Jesus, Christianity, discipleship and the Bible.  Pray for this man and many others who have listened to Christian programming in the privacy of their home over radio and the Internet.  Pray for the ministry partners who reach out to these people and forge a friendship with those with questions.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) – Praise the Lord for a visitor who attended service last week. Also praise God for Wednesday night Bible studies through the book of Revelation.  Please pray the advertisement in the local Killarney magazine will bring people to their church. Pray for a church member who is dealing with health and stress issues.  Pray for revival in Killarney, County Kerry and all of Ireland.  Pray Irish men will heed the call to preach the Gospel and to plant churches! 


Oswald and Amanda:  Their time in their new country has been marred by pandemic restrictions.  Currently they cannot get out of their home unless they are going to the grocery store.  Many people are concerned about the virus so engaging people on the street in conversation is difficult.  They were able to secure on-line language tutors and they have used their time indoors to continue their language study.  Pray they will be good students and continue perfecting language acquisition.  Pray the virus would subside affording them opportunities to meet and make new friends.