Missions Prayer requests

Week of 2 Aug 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Pray for wisdom for the Slacks and their leadership team as they start the new school year.  UCCS will announce expectations and requirements for all clubs on 10 Aug – just before the semester begins.  Pray for the Christian Challenge (CC) leadership retreat 14-16 Aug.  Pray for spiritual unity and that leaders will seek the Lord’s guidance.  Kent is waiting on NAMB approval for Brooks to join the CC staff.  As soon as he is approved, he will begin fundraising.  Pray for Kent and Elizabeth as they raise their precious children and minister to students.


Emily Skinner: (COS) Mission Training International (MTI) has now successfully hosted two DAR (debriefing) programs since the coronavirus closed their doors.  And this past week their first Compass program started since March.  There will be many new things as they observe new health guidelines to ensure they do not transmit the virus to others.  Pray for Emily and her co-workers as they divide participants into cohorts, wear masks and learn how to serve snacks.  Much of the Compass curriculum depends on connecting.  Connecting is difficult while wearing masks and social distancing.  Pray for the workers.


Jonathan Ferre:  (COS) Their church family is beginning to meet together while observing distance requirements.  People continue to stay in contact with one another.  Pray for grace and wisdom as they guide their church through uncharted waters.  Pray for the overall church family as they have gone through so much stress.  Pray the church will rely on Jesus’ strength to get them through these tough times.




K and B: Pray for K and B as they work to unite their team and provide them focus.  Pray for K and B’s unity and for the unity of their team as they put together God’s plan for the many minority groups they want to reach.  Pray for K and B’s health, strength and their ability to rest in the Lord (Isaiah 40:31).  Pray for their kids in the US.


Herb and Celeste: Herb and Celeste have been on the mission field for 10 years!  Pray for them as they wait for their latest visa request to come through.  Pray the visas will be approved quickly so they can get back to their ministry location.  Reach out to them and congratulate them on their recent 40th wedding anniversary and also their ten year anniversary on the mission field.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty finishes his last seminary class at the end of July and will earn his Master of Divinity degree.  Ashley says it has been such a fruitful time in their lives as Dusty has labored through the classes and assignments.  She says they are both so blessed by this training in God’s word over these four years!  This past week their school staff started having workdays.  During this time the staff will find out the strategy for reducing exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  Pray for the school leadership as they make decisions on keeping everyone as safe as possible.  Praise the Lord their family is well – they have enjoyed their summer while staying close to home.


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Pray for Reach Beyond, the board of directors, and the new president, Daniel Enns.  They are considering the best way to proceed during this financially challenging time.  Many churches and private donors support the missionaries who work at non-profit para Christian organizations like Reach Beyond.  However, oftentimes these churches and donors do not see the infrastructure under the missionary which also needs funding.  There is a need to actually finance radio broadcasts and build internet web sites.  There is a need to fund food and medical supplies to minister to refugee camps.  The leadership at Reach Beyond, through their new “Growth and Means” strategy, is seeking new donors to target such specific needs as broadcasts and material costs.  Pray for the development of donors who will catch the vision of broadcasting God’s word across the world.


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Pray for Amanda as she says goodbye, closes accounts and makes travel arrangements. 

Pray for her clarity of mind to remember the details needed to make her international move back to the US.  If you support

her financially, please  continue her financial support until she advises you otherwise as she needs to be fully funded to

make this move home.