Missions Prayer Requests


Week of 9 Aug 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Pray for wisdom for the Slacks and their leadership team as they start the new school year.  UCCS announced expectations and requirements for all clubs this past week.  Pray Christian Challenge will be able to meet the school’s expectations while also ministering to students’ spiritual needs.  Pray for the Christian Challenge (CC) leadership retreat 14-16 Aug.  Pray for spiritual unity and that leaders will seek the Lord’s guidance.  Kent is waiting on NAMB approval for Brooks to join the CC staff.  As soon as he is approved, he will begin fundraising.  Pray for Kent and Elizabeth as they raise their precious children and minister to students.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is a field implementation worker with Evangelism Explosion.  Kevin’s main task is teaching pastors and their congregations how to share the Gospel with people who need salvation.  Pray pastors and their churches would be open to meeting, even in small numbers, to learn methods of sharing the Gospel.




Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist Church has had good attendance since they started meeting in person again.  Pray their members/attenders will stay well and safe from sickness.  Madeleine starts working at the cinema soon.  Pray she will be able to stay well.  She is also renewing her driver’s license and buying a car.  Pray for her safety as she goes through the driving process.  Many of Grace Baptist member’s spouses and family members are unsaved.  Pray the Lord would soften their hearts and call them into fellowship with Him.


K and B: Our friends organized and participated in a village food distribution project where their team and another agency bought food for a village of 150 people.  They bought food at a large wholesale food center – 2250 pounds of rice, packages of noodles, crates of cooking oil, canned fish, crackers, and salt.  They transported this massive haul of food to an outlying village where the team distributed the food to each family.  Everyone wore masks.  Because of the pandemic, only one family member came outside to receive the food, placed in their arms.  Even though they were all masked, the joyful and grateful eyes said everything.  There were countless “thank you’s.”  One villager commented, “We are required to give food to the monks, but the Christians share with everyone.”  Before leaving, the team voiced a prayer in English and the native tongue – “Lord reveal yourself to these precious people, give them a hunger for You and receptive hearts to hear about the salvation only You can offer.”


Herb and Celeste: All visa documents have been submitted to the correct agency and they have been told it could take 10 to 60 days to receive their visas.  Pray it will be sooner than later.  They will wait out the visa results in Texas.  Pray for several projects they continue to work on.  Pray for insights on how to best develop and execute the plans for the Lord’s purpose.  Pray for H and C’s neighbors who have been going to church with them.  Pray the Lord will soften their hearts and that they will surrender to Jesus.


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Pray for Robbyn’s granddaughter, Emily as she heals from a chest injury which prevents her from lifting heavy objects.  Pray her employer will provide her meaningful work allowing her to help out at work and also heal.  Sam and Donna (not their real names) worked as follow-up ministry partners in a country in the Region Beyond.  Conditions got too dangerous for Christians and they escaped to Ecuador.  Unfortunately language and government rules prohibiting Sam from securing a job in his discipline kept them from adjusting.  The Lord opened doors allowing them to move to Germany.  Please pray for this couple and that work will open up for Sam.  Pray they will be able to secure refugee status and live securely in their new home.  They continue to encourage the five churches they planted in the Region Beyond.


Amanda Peck (North Macedonia) Amanda’s official last day with Greater Europe Mission is 31 Oct.  She has been busy coordinating her move, saying many goodbyes, finishing a grant project she has been authoring and is saddened by the knowledge there are so many people she has grown to know, yet will be unable to say a personal goodbye.  Please pray for her as she arranges her air travel.  Also pray for how the Lord leads her in the future.