Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 23 Aug 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Brooks Salgado is now on staff with Kent and Elizabeth.  Pray for Brooks as he starts raising his own support.  The leadership retreat went well last week.  Pray for them as they lead outreach to students. Almost everything will look different this year.  Naturally Christian Challenge has had to revamp their working model to abide by university guidelines.  Those guidelines were handed down two weeks ago.  Kent has asked for clarification for how these guidelines effect CC and they are waiting.  The answers to these questions affect how CC will conduct ministry this semester.  Pray for students (Christian and non-Christian) to get involved in spite of the virus.  Pray Christian Challenge will have a significant impact on college students throughout the city during this unique season of ministry.


Life Network: (COS) LifeNetwork will feature President Rich Bennet and pro-life advocate Abby Johnson at their annual gala event Oct 9th, 7 PM.  Pray for the support they seek from donors to keep their clinic doors open and ministering to women thinking about aborting an unplanned pregnancy.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Isaac and Becca are settled in their new home in Greeley, Colorado as the new Directors of Christian Challenge, University of Northern Colorado!  So far guidelines from the university restrict the number of students who can attend events and meetings.  For now the maximum size of an event can be fifty people.  Isaac and Becca hope to begin focusing on smaller Community Groups of ten students to introduce students to the ministry.  As interest increases they hope to increase the number of weekly Community Groups.  Pray for unity and Godly understanding for their leadership team.  The matching gift offer from a generous donor still exists to pay off their student loans.  The donor will match anything up to $15,000!  Please pray for how you might help in relieving this precious couple of this debilitating debt, allowing them to concentrate on ministering to students!  Contact Doug Wamble at dwamble@q.com for specifics.




Herb and Celeste: Huge praise – last Friday H and C were told their visa requests had been approved and will be mailed to them in Texas.  When this paperwork arrives in the US, they will immediately fly back to their ministry city where they will complete the requirement to receive their residency cards!  Pray for patience, protection and perfect timing.  Pray for H’s parents as they are both recovering from surgeries.  Also thank the Lord for the short time they have been able to reconnect with both sets of parents and sisters while waiting for visas.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson and Family: (Near Seoul, South Korea) The school is starting a homeroom program.  Each morning Dusty will see the same group of 7th grade students.  Dusty wants to use this homeroom time to disciple and minister to the students.  Pray for Dusty’s wisdom as to how best to connect with these students.  Dusty is coaching the high school cross country team once again this year.  Pray for him as he trains the team and for their safety as they run.  Pray they will truly be a team, unified and encouraging one another.  Dusty also leads a jazz band after school.  Pray for him as he gets it started and how to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus.  Ashley and Dusty have joined a church closer to where they live and work.  They wanted to be involved in a church which was ministering to their immediate community.  The church used to meet in their school building but, because of the coronavirus, the church has had to meet elsewhere.  Pray for their church family as they determine the best place and way to meet,


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord for the young children who attend church and who are engaged in the Sunday school portion of Sunday services.  St. Oliver’s National School has asked Grace Baptist to not meet in their facility during the month of September as a health precaution as the school begins the school year.  If the school has no health issues during this time, then Grace can begin meeting in their building in October.  If an alternate location does not materialize the church will meet virtually again for September.  Pray for a location Grace can call their own.  Madeleine returns to work at the cinema this weekend.  Pray for her health and safety.  Pray for the health and safety of the students and staff at St. Oliver’s National School.


Amanda Peck (North Macedonia) This past Sunday was Amanda’s last Sunday at her church.  The church prayed over her at the end of the service.  She flies out of North Macedonia 26 Aug and arrives in Denver that evening after nearly 24 hours of travel.  Please pray for the details of closing out accounts and the disposition of her car and apartment to be seamless.  Pray for safe travel as she navigates airplanes and airports.