Missions Prayer Requests

3 Apr 2020


Home Missionaries


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS) UCCS classes are being held remotely but Christian Challenge staff continues to meet using technology to stay connected with students.  God is still working in the lives of students at UCCS.  These difficult times have led CC staff to contact students more often, reaching out in love.  They will continue their Tuesday night Bible study on zoom.  In the midst of social distancing, pray students will engage each other and the Lord.


Jonathan Ferre: (COS) Pray for Jonathan and Iglesia Gracia y Verdad.  Jonathan just started teaching a series of studies through First Corinthians – they are meeting virtually on the Internet.  Also, on Wednesdays they are going through the book of Acts via the Internet.  Pray they will be able to live their lives according to God’s word.  The children can no longer meet as a group.  They have been learning about the doctrine of God.  Pray parents will be able to engage their children and help them grow in their faith. Pastor Jonathan has been working part time as a case worker.  Pray for him as he ministers to people.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Spring break mission trip has been cancelled.  This was disappointing but the right thing to do under the circumstances.  Pray the school will reimburse the students for their part of this trip.  The East Asia team is still scheduled to go – they are still training and raising support.  Please pray for their efforts in spiritual growth and preparation for this trip.  The UCCS campus is now closed and graduation cancelled.  This has led to much shock and disappointment especially for the seniors who hoped to graduate.  Pray for these students who needed to complete requisite projects before graduating.

Life Network: (COS) Lives are being saved and transformed, needs are being met and most importantly, we are sharing Christ!  Pray for the staff and volunteers who continue to be on the front lines.  Pray for health and protection for them and their families.  The staff has been making phone calls and praying for our partners and supporters.  Pray for emotional, physical and mental health as they minister through this present storm.

Foreign Missionaries

Our Friends in EA:  Many families who have worked in our friends’ area of ministry will not be returning to their country.  These are sad times as many families will not be permitted to say goodbyes to friends, ministry partners or collect priceless memories from their homes.  Please pray for these servants, their families and the future ministry in this part of the world.  May God grant them grace, wisdom and strength.  These events do not surprise God!  May His servants learn the new plan to reach the lost in this area of the world!

Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Spain is on lockdown until April 11th.  Spain’s medical system is completely overwhelmed.  Reach Beyond missionaries meet each morning virtually to pray for the ministry and staff.  Everyone is working virtually from home performing essential duties to keep the broadcasts going out across the airwaves.  Please pray for these missionaries and their families – pray for a hedge of protection so the Gospel programming can continue.

Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) The twins are doing well – Grace will hopefully come home from the hospital this week.  The Grace Baptist Church service on Zoom is going well.  Lona and Madeleine conducted a short Sunday school lesson using a flannel graph board on the story of Noah.  Several viewers of their Zoom services have never attended a Grace Baptist Church service!  The entire country is on strict isolation restrictions for the next two weeks.  Pray for the government’s leadership.  Pray the church is able to stay connected via technology such as Zoom and be a witness to the country of Ireland.

Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Lydia is ministering to a lady who has been in an abusive domestic relationship.  Pray for her to take the steps to protect herself.  Pray for her salvation.  Pray for Lydia as they minister to her.