Missions Prayer Requests

Please consider a one-time gift to help the Casas Por Cristo Team as they build a house for deserving people in Juarez, Mexico.  Your funds will help this team purchase much needed supplies and building materials.  Simply place your gift in a pink envelope earmarked for “Mexico Missions Trip.”


Week of 14 Feb 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Behind every service offered to community neighbors, Mercy’s Gate’s common goal is to share the Gospel of Christ to the lost and suffering. Testimonial after testimonial documents Mercy’s Gate’s impact on our community – helping to pay electrical bills, rent, providing groceries and sharing the love of Christ with the lost!  Please pray for this ministry and consider a donation to their ministry. Also, consider personally getting involved.  Plan to attend a volunteer orientation tour on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00PM – 2:00 PM so you can learn how your gifts and talents can be used at Mercy’s Gate.  Contact Mercy’s Gate at 719-470-2503 or volunteer@mercysgatecs.org.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Kent and Elizabeth have formed a Christian Challenge club independent of the UCCS club to provide more ability to minister to students without the COVID-19 regulations on campus.  The UCCS Christian Challenge club will continue but will be less active due to the COVID-19 health precautions.  All college students are invited to all activities; the Slacks simply can’t promote them through the school.  Pray they will be able to connect with more students because of this move.  Pray they will be able to figure out how to actively use their club status at UCCS.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is leading a Share Your Faith workshop at Springs Lighthouse church on March 20th.  Pray for this event – pray for good interest and attendance.  Also, pray this church will want to continue through an eight week semester of Everyday Evangelism.  Kevin will be teaching on the job training in Phoenix, Arizona as a part of the Evangelism Explosion Equip America event on February 27th.  Pray many pastors will attend and find the one on one method of sharing the Gospel still works today.




Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Robbyn recently reported she had lost nine supporters and was $350 below normal monthly funding.  A generous donation came to the Reach Beyond ministry which was meant for underfunded missionaries.  This amount has helped Robbyn immensely.  Still, please consider reaching out to Robbyn to pray for her and financially support her.  Thank you for praying for her physical ailments.  The cataract surgery has helped her distance vision and reading glasses are helping her “close up” work.  She must have her gall bladder removed but this is not possible until her platelet count comes up.  Pray for the timing to be right for this procedure.


K and B:  One unit (couple) has arrived in their ministry area from the US and is in quarantine.  Pray for five other units trying to enter their ministry country.  K and B are due in COS the last two weeks of February.  Wish them happy anniversary when you see them, it is 16 February.  Pray for B’s father as he recuperates from a heart procedure.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Their school has been totally on-line for the past month.  The only exception to this is parent families where both mother and father work outside the home.  In those cases the student can come to school for emergency childcare provided by Teacher’s Assistants like Ashley.  Recently Ashely received a new girl in her second grade class and has gotten to know her.  She’s one of eight emergency childcare students.  Ashley took this girl to the school library to check out some books.  The girl told Ashley she was interested in books about Jesus!  Ashely helped the girl check out a Bible and some picture books about Jesus.  Pray for this little girl as she asks questions about Jesus.  Pray for Ashley that she will be ready to answer questions and mentor this child.  Pray this child’s interest in Jesus will also open the door to taking the Gospel to her parents.


Oswald and Amanda: Rocky’s surgery on 26 Jan went well but he is healing slowly and encountering more swelling than anticipated.  Oswald and Amanda will likely hold off coming back to COS until Rocky’s swollen leg subsides.  Pray for his complete recovery and that he will be able to fit into his prosthetic.  Pray for their wisdom as they think about returning to COS and eventually to their new home of ministry.


Herb and Celeste:  Herb and Celeste’s creative team is holding another virtual missions tour Wednesday, 17 February at 8:00 PM Mountain Time.  To “attend” please register at this Internet address: Meeting Registration – Zoom – you must have a Zoom account which is easy to set up.  The tour will feature missionaries from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other locations.  One of the featured couples is on K and B’s ministry team.  Even though this virtual tour is late, please take the time to watch and listen to the work that is going on in these areas of the world in Jesus’ Name!  One of their teammates has to pass a language exam.  Pray this will happen so she can join H and C’s team full-time.  Pray for the borders to their country to open up so new team members can arrive.