Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 6 Sep 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Nicy Murphy Colorado Missions Offering: The Nicy Murphy Colorado Missions Offering is a special offering earmarked to help Colorado Baptists share the Gospel in unique settings like youth camps, inner cities, ski slopes, revival meetings and disaster relief situations.  The VGBC goal this year is $15,000.  Please prayerfully consider how you may help missions here in Colorado.


Emily Skinner: (COS) After four months of having no classes or programs due to the pandemic, MTI has graduated a compass class sending 64 participants to 19 different countries!  In spite of health precautions, there was one positive, mild COVID case. God was amazing! He protected everyone who had been exposed to the positive case. God provided technology allowing quarantined participants to engage in lessons.  The Children’s Pre-Field Program (CHIPs) class prepared 29 children for how to live in another culture while helping and supporting their parents.  The four children in Emily’s class are bound for Kenya, Tunisia and Bolivia.  Pray the Lord will guide and lead these precious families as they follow Him in spreading the gospel. This class left Emily and the staff utterly exhausted! Pray the Lord would provide rest and release for all the staff before the next program begins.


Brooks Salgado: (COS) Brooks was recently approved by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to come on the Christian Challenge staff with Kent and Elizabeth Slack to serve on the UCCS campus.  He is an alumnus and already been helpful to the Slacks during this unique, turbulent period.  Pray for Brooks as he starts raising his own support.




Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Due to financial problems Reach Beyond is evaluating where they may cut costs. The ministry in southern Spain is one of the fields that Reach Beyond US cannot financially support.  The compound in Spain includes a large plot of land, a huge office building and three radio studios. They are closing the studios that have supported the local FM station in Spain.  Thankfully the radio, TV, and social media ministries in North Africa and the Middle East are transmitted from within these regions and are not affected by the studio closures.  The land is being offered to other Reach Beyond offices such as the United Kingdom, Swedish or Dutch offices.  Robbyn and staff are praying the Lord will allow these vital ministries to continue and that the work will continue to grow. Pray for Reach Beyond’s Board of Directors and their new president Daniel Enns as they make tough decisions regarding finances. We know God can do all things – we know He desires the lost to come to Him.


Herb and Celeste: H and C received word they should be receiving their passports with new visas this week (31 August 2020).  They plan to book a flight back to their country immediately. Please pray for safe travel. DATELINE: 3 Sep 2020 Texas – this word just in.  H and C have received their passports and are booked to leave the US Saturday and arrive their ministry area Sunday evening.  Then they go directly into 15 day quarantine.  Pray for seamless and safe (healthy) travel.  Pray all paperwork on the other side of the world goes well so they can stay and work for a long, long time!


K and B:  Last Sunday K preached in a church where the members are predominantly the target minority group their team is trying to reach!  K preached on prayer – his colleague translated his English words into the native language of the area.  Pray for the relationship with these people – pray for trust and that this people would rely on the Gospel to guide their lives and learn to share the message with others.  Tragic news – one of K and B’s M colleagues just succumbed to COVID-19.  The husband, wife and three daughters were in the US to deposit one daughter in college.  All five of them were staying with the husband’s parents.  They all fell ill with the virus.  The husband and his mother were admitted to a hospital where they died.  Pray for this hurting family – the Lord knows their names and knows the best way to minister to them.  Pray for friends to reach out and love them.


Oswald and Amanda:  They are home in Colorado Springs!  Little Smoky is doing well!  Because of the security breaches in their ministry area, O and A will not be able to return to their ministry country.  This has been difficult to hear and process.  They are working with their sending company to figure out other assignment possibilities.  In the meantime pray they will process this news well and use this time near parents and loved ones to enjoy those relationships.  Pray for O and A as they close down their apartment in their ministry area.  Pray they will be able to continue strong relationships with their national friends at their former home.  Pray for those friends to continue the work to minister to the lost.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist had 30 people attend their last “in person” church service for a month while St. Oliver’s National School begins classes.  Pray for the health and safety of everyone at St. Oliver’s National School.  If all students and staff remain well, then Grace Baptist will be permitted to use their facilities in October.  Pray for Mark’s relationship with the principal of the school.  Mark plans to ask him about the possibility of meeting with him weekly or monthly for a time of prayer.  Pray for Ian as his school starts next week.  His orientation is Friday, 4 Sep.  Madeleine is looking for another part-time job.