Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 27 Sep 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Mercy’s Gate is a ministry which supports the working poor in our community with food, counseling and other direct services.  Mercy’s Gate has recently expanded their services to include a Medical Assistance Program.  This is a huge increase to better care for people struggling with medical needs.  Pray their volunteers would embrace this new part of their ministry and use them to better serve the Colorado Springs community.  Pray the Lord will provide the needed financial, church and volunteer support needed to sustain this new ministry.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry on the University of Northern Colorado campus.  A gracious donor has committed to matching any one-time gifts to the NAMB for the Herolds to pay down their education loans.  This offer goes away at the end of the month.  Imagine this young couple being able to conduct ministry without the weight of school debt!  How freeing that could be for them.  Pray also for their student leadership as they work to build relationships with students.  Pray for opportunities to meet and engage students.


Brooks Salgado: (COS) Brooks is the newest staff joining Christian Challenge.  He is a UCCS alum and has been participating in the Christian Challenge ministry for the past three years.  Pray for Brooks as he provides leadership to the ministry and as he raises his own support.


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily is the Assistant Director of Children’s Intercultural Programs (CHIPs) at Mission Training International.  A new COMPASS course just started on Sep 7th.  Pray participants will have open hearts and minds that will be fertile soil for the seeds planted this month.  Pray the Lord will continue to provide health, flexibility and wisdom to navigate these unique times.




Herb and Celeste: H and C have finished their 15 day quarantine in their apartment and now for the next seven days they must avoid large crowds, workplaces and churches.  They will be totally done with quarantine by September 29.  Pray for their strength for the needed work ahead – there are several projects.  Thank the Lord several of their projects have been well received by readers.  Thank the Lord for coworkers and good neighbors who have taken care of their needs for food and taking out the trash.  Praise the Lord for good Internet service which allows them to continue their work.  Pray for their receipt of their alien resident cards. They are producing a two hour virtual event with multiple speakers and locations. Pray all details are completed and that the Lord will be glorified.  Pray for other helpers who are considering joining their team with special skills and experience. Pray the Lord will guide them as they make their decisions to serve.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Pray for Mark as he has spiritual conversations with people on walking club and Costa Coffee outings.  Last Friday during a walk a lady asked Mark questions about baptism, communion (the Mass), studying the Bible and what they believe.  Pray this woman will have a hunger and desire to study God’s word.  Here are other questions – what’s a Baptist?  Do you baptize at a certain age?  What’s the best Bible translation?  Pray for families in their church who are having relationship problems.  Pray these families would find answers by trusting the Lord and seeking His guidance that these relationships would be restored.  Pray for the teachers and students at St. Oliver’s National School.

Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Reach Beyond’s ministry partner, Tharsis Betel, in Jerez, Spain works with refugees and the underprivileged.  This is the man who helps refugees to grow food from the hydroponic gardens.  When COVID-19 hit this part of Spain the Lord showed Betel they had to find a way to help the helpless that could not get out of their homes and apartments.  They began to cook for these needy people each day – sixty people needed this aid at first.  Then more food and supplies were received and more volunteers wanted to help!  Soon they were cooking for more than 2,000 people daily.  During this time numerous people trusted in Christ!  Pray for these new Christians and for their discipleship.  Pray for Tharsis Betel as he remains faithful to the Lord’s call on his life.


K and B:  K and B were just leaving to visit another team member when flash flooding inundated their road with a foot of water.  K waded out into the swamp and decided it was not a good time to leave on a long trip.  K and B are interviewing new people for their team.  Pray for Godly wisdom!  The meeting the Swirl pastors and leaders were going to have has been cancelled because of security concerns.  Pray for these church leaders and pray for their protection from government police.  Pray for the safeguarding of the Bible translation project.