Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 4 Oct 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) How do you engage college students when a worldwide pandemic is raging around you?  Kent, Elizabeth and Brooks are doing the best they possibly can by being purposeful in every opportunity to engage students.  They have been meeting for Bible study at VGBC.  Pray they can maintain their mandated healthy distancing yet engage where these students are at.  Pray they will be able to help students in their walk with the Lord.


Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) The Springs Rescue Mission (SRM) is committed to provide a welcoming and safe environment that transforms and empowers where they are.  SRM staff desire to share God’s word with guests to bring about spiritual, emotional and life-changing healing to those who are lost or carnal Christians who have lost their way.  Pray for SRM and their volunteers that they will make an impact for the Lord to the homeless in Colorado Springs.  VGBC provides monthly financial support to this organization.


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Mercy’s Gate is a ministry which supports the working poor in our community with food, counseling and other direct services.  Mercy’s Gate has recently expanded their services to include a Medical Assistance Program.  This is a huge increase to better care for people struggling with medical needs.  Pray their volunteers would embrace this new part of their ministry and use them to better serve the Colorado Springs community.  Pray the Lord will provide the needed financial, church and volunteer support needed to sustain this new ministry.




Herb and Celeste: Their fifteen day home-bound quarantine and their 7-day self-imposed quarantine are done and they are in good health – Praise God!  They filed the required paperwork for their Alien Resident Cards.  Pray these cards will be promptly granted!  They attended church last Sunday for the first time since visiting VGBC in July!  Pray for their neighbors who are close to committing to Jesus!  Pray for wisdom and discernment as they explore ways to serve in a local congregation.  Pray for them in their new capacity that the projects they are working on are well received and encourage others to take up their cross and serve.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist Church met with Tralee Baptist Church last Sunday via Zoom!  The pastor at Tralee Baptist preached on preaching the Word of God, making disciples and relying on His promises.  Pray Tralee and Grace Baptist will be able to plant more churches in this area of Ireland.  Pray for a church plant in Skibbereen planted by local believers.  Westside and Grace are helping this church plant with encouragement and financial support.

Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) The refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece was locked down on 3 Sep, due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases.  On 8 Sep a fire ripped through the encampment forcing 13,000 people into the streets.  A temporary tent camp has now been built but now there are 243 confirmed cases of COVID in the camp.  Living conditions are bad and now winter is setting in.  New refugees arrive daily from Turkey – relations between Greece and Turkey are tense.  The Greek people are tired of dealing with this situation.  Please pray for the refugee men, women and children who are caught in the middle of this horrific mess.  Pray the governments will hammer out a resolution.  Pray for the aid workers, missionaries and Reach Beyond workers as they minister in Jesus’ Name.  Pray the refugees would be protected and accept Jesus.


K and B:  Recently K and B visited one of their team members.  This team member is trying to reach her own minority group for Christ.  The missionary woman was born in the region.  Her parents immigrated to the US shortly after the Vietnam War so this missionary is a US citizen and living among her own minority group.  K and B stayed in this woman’s home for three days.  Each morning they heard her singing worship songs in her native language at 5:00 AM.  Each morning at 5:00 AM this woman joins 30 other women on the phone and sings worship songs.  Most of the women are farmers and cannot read.  One woman who can read will read a scripture passage then there is teaching.  After they pray the women go to work.  This happens at 5:00 AM every morning, except Sunday.  On Sunday they sing and pray then they attend their church.  Pray for this woman and her impact on the lives of those people around her.  This missionary’s visa will soon expire – in fact she is on an extension right now.  Pray she will be able to get a renewed visa without having to return to the US.


This request just in from K and B…One of their team members is in the US and has just been admitted to a Dallas, Texas hospital with paralysis and weakness on the right side of her face and right arm.  Diagnosis is unknown – COVID test was negative.  Her husband is nt allowed to be with her.  They are asking for prayer.