Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 11 Oct 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is a field implantation worker with Evangelism Explosion (EE).  Kevin teaches curriculum which instructs people how to share their faith with others and do it confidently.  COVID-19 has prevented him for several months from meeting with area pastors but the doors are now opening up again.  Please pray for Springs Lighthouse and Pastor Brian Michaels.  Kevin met Pastor Michaels two weeks ago and the pastor was excited about the EE curriculum and equipping his church family on sharing their faith.  Pray they can schedule a workshop.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) This has been a unique semester, yet Kent reminds us God is not bound by restrictions placed upon us!  So true!  While it would be easy to focus on the normal things they cannot do due to COVID precautions, they are choosing to focus on the things they can do.  They have had a good number of students attending bible study and events.  They have some fairly young Christians and they also have students who have decided to try Christianity again.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity to nurture and encourage these students.  This is a challenging year for their small leadership team.  Pray for them to be encouraged, strengthened and faithful.  Pray their Godly influence will go deep in the lives of the students they are reaching.


Life Network: (COS) Pray for the Executive Leadership Team as they look ahead to next year, take the goals the Lord has given them as a team and begin to work on budgets. Budgeting can be difficult in uncertain times like this and they want to be good stewards of the Lord’s finances. Pray for wisdom, insight and courage as the team works together to form a cohesive plan to present to the Board in November.  As they transition to fall, please pray for the health of staff, volunteers and their families. There are several members of the team wrestling with long-term health concerns of family members. Please pray for healing and for the comfort and strength of the Lord to be with them as they go through difficult life circumstances.  



Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Ashley and a colleague at their school had preplanned the worship chapel worship structure for their elementary school aged students for the semester.  Then the school went to online learning,  At first Asheley’s reaction was sadness because she was looking forward to the personal interaction with the students as they discovered truths about Jesus.  But going online with chapel and Christian videos has been a true blessing!  Most of the students and their families are not Christian.  Many of them are from Japan, India and China and have never heard of Jesus.  Now the students and their families are hearing and watching Gospel videos and their message each week.  Pray these families will understand and accept the truth of the Gospel.


Herb and Celeste: Their virtual tour of what our missionaries are doing in East Asia was a huge success!  This project high-lighted what Ms are doing throughout the entire Pacific rim!  H and C are now in charge of bringing to light what God is doing through His ambassadors in these countries.  Pray for H and C and our ambassadors that they would be effective reaching the lost for Jesus. 


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist Church was able to worship this past Sunday in St Oliver’s National School again!  Praise the Lord for keeping the students and faculty safe from COVID-19 during the month of September.  Also, a new couple visited the church as well.  The wife will attend the lady’s coffee time – pray for relationships to be established.  COVID cases have increased in the last month, pray for the government as it considers new lockdown guidelines.  Several families in the church have health concerns.  Several ladies in the community are asking spiritual questions.  Pray they continue to ask those questions and find the One who is Truth.

Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) In a country of 85 million people, Turkey probably has 8,000 Christians.  In the last couple years the Turkish government has cracked down on Christianity, deporting many Christian workers and missionaries.  However, because of Reach Beyond’s media partners and their radio and media network at least a quarter of the country is able to hear the Gospel message through radio, streaming, internet, social media and a very effective YouTube channel.  This ministry partner, by the providence of God, has received government approval to transmit.  There has been a large increase of people listening and receiving these transmissions.  One Christian team member recently was interviewed by a popular YouTuber who has a following of a million secular followers.  He was able to share his testimony as a Christian in Turkey.  The video shattered false stereotypes about Christianity and has received 50,000 views and over 2,300 comments.  Pray this door of opportunity stays wide open so many Turkish people can find the One, True God!


K and B:  Last week K and B told us about M colleagues who are in Dallas, Texas on home assignment.  The wife was admitted to a hospital where a diagnosis of Ramsay-Hunt syndrome has been confirmed.  The right side of her face is paralyzed and there is hearing loss in her right ear.  Also, another prayer request from Swirl land – this past week a Swirl village church was gathered at river’s edge baptizing a young woman.  A few steps away the young woman’s six year old daughter was swept away into the river current.  Ten minutes later the little girl was found but not breathing.  Her mother, who is a nurse started CPR but there was no response.  The Swirl church has been praying fervently for this little girl.  Many non-Christians have criticized them for practicing Christianity.  They have said this is what you deserve for practicing such a religion.  In the hospital she has been on a ventilator, but there are signs she is breathing on her own!  Now as of Tuesday, 6 Oct she has come out of her coma, drunk some milk and gone to the bathroom.  As of 8 Oct this little girl is off the ventilator!  Pray for this little girl’s full recovery and may the Lord be glorified!