Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 1 Nov 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Jonathan and Myrna Ferre: (COS) Jonathan pastors the church Iglesia y Verdad (Grace & Truth Church).  It is a Spanish speaking church.  Please lift him and his family up as they serve this congregation.  This church was planted about four years ago by the Pikes Peak Baptist Association.  The Ferre’s could use your support, please contact the Pikes Peak Baptist Association at 719-635-0026 or ppba@ppba.org.  A young man attending their church has been influenced by false teaching.  Please pray for this man that he would patiently hear the truth of the Gospel.  Pray for some newcomers to their church to take their new member’s class.  Pray for more people to be led to help with their children’s ministry. 


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Isaac and Becca have finished over thirty hours of foster care training.  There are a few more home visits and paperwork and they will be certified foster parents.  Pray for them that the Lord would bless and be the Head of their parenting!  Last weekend one of their students was baptized!  He had been attending events during the semester.  Praise the Lord for the connections made to help this young man see the truth in Jesus Christ!  Praise the Lord for the paying down of their student debt!  $5,250 was donated then doubled by their generous matching donor – $10,500 paid down!  The donor is extending the opportunity through June 2021.  All one-time gifts will be doubled through June 2021.




Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Years ago Robbyn worked with Pastor Pedro who pastors several Quichua churches south of Quito, Ecuador.  He also runs a daycare center for underprivileged children.  Weeks ago Pastor Pedro contracted COVID-19 but is now feeling better – praise the Lord!  His 25 year old nephew was murdered and in September he found out his father had passed away.  Pastor Pedro is now in his hometown taking care of his 88 year old mother.  Since he has been away taking care of his mother, he has continued to present the Gospel and Bible studies to his church congregation via Zoom.  Eighteen new people have come to know Jesus as Savior!  Pray for Pastor Pedro – for his health and stamina as he ministers on so many fronts.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) There have been many changes in their school since the first day. They began with a hybrid schedule of 2/3 of the students on campus and 1/3 online and that has changed over the three weeks since school began.  The number of COVID-19 cases within South Korea dictates how much time students can spend on campus.  Pray for the chapel services that Ashley leads; that they will be engaging and impactful for the students. Dusty is scheduled to preach at the secondary chapel this week (Friday, 30 Oct). Pray the Lord will provide him the right words that will meet the student body’s spiritual needs.  Their school has been encouraging staff members in their spiritual walk. Ashley and Dusty are leading a group of faculty members in small Group Bible study.  Pray the faculty will have a desire to go more deeply in their walk with the Lord.


Casas Por Cristo: (Mexico) Casas Por Cristo is a para church organization which ministers to the poor in several countries. VGBC has a long partnership with the Casas Por Cristo office in El Paso, Texas.  This organization facilitates building homes for poor families across the border in Juarez, Mexico.  This year we tried twice to send a team to build houses and both times, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not go.  Pray for our VGBC volunteers who are already working on planning a March 2021 mission trip to build a home.  Pray for those who will volunteer to build and also pray for the financial resources for each family.  Each year VGBC conducts a rummage sale of secondhand goods which supports the building of houses in Juarez, Mexico. This year the rummage sale was canceled so please pray for financial resources to come in to support this Ministry.


Oswald and Amanda: O and A have interviewed for their follow-on assignment.  Their sending agency is evaluating which people group to send them to.  Please pray for their agency’s wisdom as they consider where O and A should be serving.  Pray for O and A’s preparation (spiritual, physical, mental) as they ready themselves for overseas ministry.


K and B:  After weeks of interviewing future team members K and B have asked four units to be a part of their team.  Pray for these new team members as they work toward visas and becoming part of the team.  Currently all newbies are in the US and must get visa paperwork through proper channels.  Pray for those applicants who are still waiting on a follow-on assignment that were not selected.  Recently K and B drove to a different area of their country to visit a team member couple.  The husband was born in this region but is a naturalized US citizen.  He speaks the minority target language and three other languages.  He and his wife met while they attended seminary in the US.  He is teaching local pastors basic Bible study, preparing sermons and ministering to their churches.  She is writing and teaching Bible songs to teach children Bible truths.  This couple is so valuable to the Gospel message because of their faith in Christ, training and their command of the languages!  Pray for this couple.  Pray for K and B’s immediate family as a number of them have COVID.  Pray for their health as they go through treatments commensurate to their age.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord Madeleine has a seasonal job which starts on 9 November! God is blessing Grace Baptist in many ways during a very difficult time.  A lady in their church was in a biking accident and was injured. She is home convalescing but in a lot of pain. Pray the ladies in the church can meet once a week to walk in the park.  Pray for a new weekly prayer meeting which will start on Tuesdays.  Also pray for a new ladies Bible study. Pray The Lord would be magnified during these studies! Pray for a lady at Costa Coffee who received a tract from Mark. She is very stressed about the pandemic and needs comfort.