Missions Prayer Requests

Please consider giving a special gift to the Colorado Baptist Missions Offering.  This year, the VGBC Colorado Nicy Murphy Missions Offering goal is $15,000.  This offering funds evangelism outreaches throughout Colorado, church planting efforts, resort and leisure ministries at ski resorts, the Ponderosa Ranch ministry, disaster relief and seminary student scholarships.  Please find a pink envelope from the brochure rack in the church foyer and place it in the offering plate or mail to the church office!


Week of 19 Sep 2021




Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily works at Mission Training International (MTI) in Palmer Lake, Colorado as the Assistant Director for the Children’s Pre-Field Program.  She and her team prepare missionary children for living and thriving in a cross-cultural environment.  She is taking time away to be with her family and develop new donor/supporters in North Carolina.  Please consider a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift to help her reach one hundred percent support.


Jonathan and Myrna Ferre: (COS) Jonathan is a bi-vocational church planter with the Pikes Peak Baptist Association and the North American Mission Board.  His Spanish-speaking congregation, Iglesia Gracia y Verdad, meets at Garden Ranch Baptist Church on Sunday mornings.  He is just back from Army Chaplains School as a reserve US Army Chaplain.  Pray for the Bible studies and outreaches they perform each week to minister to the Spanish-speaking community.  Pray the Lord would provide him a job that would allow him to handle his pastoral responsibilities while also providing for his family.  VGBC supports this couple with a monthly gift.  You may help this pastor and his family financially by giving to Garden Ranch Baptist Church designated for Jonathan Ferre.


Life Network: (COS) Here’s a testimony from an expecting mother who had an unplanned pregnancy and about her experience at one of the three Life Network clinics here in Colorado Springs.  “They were so welcoming and so helpful.  I never once felt judged.  I felt so comfortable and felt like I could talk to them about everything.  You can tell they have a heart for this type of work.  I am so grateful for having them there to help me as I am a first mom.”   VGBC, your financial and prayer support to Life Network gives families a safe place to learn about their options and empowers them to choose life for their baby.  Please pray for the staff at life Network as they share Christ with mothers and fathers who are thinking about abortion.




Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord Ian received excellent scores on his final exams and has received offers from his favorite university. Now he is trying to make a decision whether to work his first year out of school or attend university.  Praise God for a sister church start in Skibbereen.  Mark has been mentoring Pastor Rob Attridge at Amazing Grace Church in Skibbereen and Grace Baptist Church has been prayerfully and financially supporting this church start.  Your investment in supporting Mark and Lona Webb is helping grow a sister church in a neighboring Irish town!


Herb and Celeste: Pray for Herb and Celeste to be able to minister to their own family while they are in the US.  Pray for their additional team members and their ability to get into their country.  Pray for the team’s unity in spirit and mission.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley Jackson are previous VGBC members and are school teachers at Gyeonggi Suwon International School.  Dusty is, again, the head coach for the high school cross country team.  Pray they will have opportunities to grow spiritually as they train for their sporting events.  Due to COVID-19, It is not known if they will be competing with other schools yet but pray for their fellowship and spiritual unity.


Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) Robbyn has requested prayer for the Trash to Treasure recycling project.  Please pray for Bill and Emily Cheung, Reach Beyond’s North Africa and Middle East, Regional Director and his wife as they travel to Spain mid-September to work on the recycling machine.  Their goal is to make the machine low tech enough that refugee groups can operate it to recycle plastic into useful items.  Converting discarded plastic into useable items could be a way for refugees and refugee camps to make money and clean up their areas.


Ken and Barbie: Pray Swirl believers will remain strong in their faith in spite of persecution.  Some believers have spent weeks in jail being questioned under harsh conditions.  The government wants to quash all genuine Christian activity and replace it with a government’s version of Christianity, which is not real Christianity.  Pray these saints will stay true to the Most, High God.  Barbie’s brother-in-law is now home after weeks in the hospital with COVID.  He is on oxygen and therapy.  Pray for his full recovery.  Pray for Ken and Barbie to have a clear understanding of their new team and mission.