Missions Prayer Requests

Home Missionaries                                                                                                    Week of 6 April 2020


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS) UCCS classes are being held remotely but Christian Challenge staff continues to meet using technology to stay connected with students.  God is still working in the lives of students at UCCS.  These difficult times have led CC staff to contact students more often, reaching out in love.  They will continue their Tuesday night Bible study on zoom.  In the midst of social distancing, pray students will engage each other and the Lord.


Jonathan Ferre: (COS) Pray for Jonathan and Iglesia Gracia y Verdad.  Jonathan just started teaching a series of studies through First Corinthians – they are meeting virtually on the Internet.  Also, on Wednesdays they are going through the book of Acts via the Internet.  Pray they will be able to live their lives according to God’s word.  The children can no longer meet as a group.  They have been learning about the doctrine of God.  Pray parents will be able to engage their children and help them grow in their faith. Pastor Jonathan has been working part time as a case worker.  Pray for him as he ministers to people.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Due to COVID-19, the Christian Challenge short-term missions trip to EA and the Spring break missions outreach are both cancelled.  These cancellations have been disappointing to those who have been getting ready to go.  Kent and Elizabeth are still hosting Bible studies and LIFE Groups on-line.  The number of “attendees” is down, but the sessions are going well.  Pray those involved will remain faithful.   

Life Network: (COS) COVID-19 has caused some very dire situations.  Some women who are pregnant are struggling to keep food on their tables.  Some of these ladies are even more vulnerable to abortion right now.  In the last three weeks Life Network has given nineteen potentially life-saving ultrasounds to women facing unexpected pregnancies.  Rich Bennett, President and CEO of Life Network, is making an earnest plea for donations to keep their clinics open so young women can hear the truth about Jesus Christ and the child they are carrying!

Foreign Missionaries

Herb and Celeste: Officials in their ministry area have done a good job at keeping COVID-19 under control.  There are only a few cases in their area.  H and C do not know any colleagues or contacts that have contracted the virus.  They are still looking for a church home and plan to visit with a pastor this week.  Pray for where the Lord wants them to serve.  Pray for continued spiritual discussions with Eli.  H and C will facilitate workshops in a week.  Pray for the Lord’s leading during these sessions.

Our Friends in EA:  Pray for Swirl believers who may have to endure questioning and interrogations in the future.  Ask the Lord to fill them with His Holy Spirit and embolden them with courage and Godly wisdom.  May they continue to speak to others about Most High God!

Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) In the region beyond it would be impossible to hear the Gospel message if it were not for Christian radio broadcasts into those countries.  Many of those listeners reach out to Reach Beyond via Internet.  Grace is a girl who lives in fear.  Her father has abused her and her mother for years.  Ministry partners counsel Grace and pray her eyes and ears will be open to the love of Christ.  Pray for Robbyn and her family as her daughter had to have emergency surgery.  Robbyn has inherited all of Natasha’s duties – watching Imogene, taking care of Emily’s babies, cleaning house and running errands.

Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise for the twenty-five people who “attended” the virtual Palm Sunday service!  Pray for a young woman in their church who has had virus symptoms for three weeks, has been tested and still does not know the results.  Pray for the new twins, Amy and Grace.  Grace is still in the hospital.  Pray the Irish people will turn to Jesus and realize He is their Savior.


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Amanda is working from home and helping translate materials, encouraging her colleagues at Lydia and engaging in prayer for the Lydia team and clients.  Amanda has been recording video as she plays Christian music on her piano.  She hopes to encourage her church family during this time since they are unable to meet together.  Doing this has had an unexpected effect on her as playing this music has fed her soul and spirit!  Pray God will use Lydia as a voice of truth and love in womens’ lives.