Missions Prayer Requests

During the month of August, VGBC will collect funds for the Colorado (Nicy Murphy) Missions Offering.  This year’s goal is $17,500.  Please pray for this special offering and your part of the offering.   This offering funds Southern Baptist outreach events such as revival meetings, youth camps, inner city evangelizing, ski church services and ski slope witnessing.  Help Colorado Baptists make an impact on our state by sharing the name of Jesus in these venues.


Week of July 31st 2022




Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) You may remember we have been praying for their car problems.  Thanks be to God, through donors and the Lord’s amazing timing, the Herolds have a reliable, replacement car in their family!  Thank you for praying and giving toward this effort!  Before too long they will be fully engaged in campus ministry.  They have shared how mentally tired they are.  But they have had conversations with new and old supporters.  These conversations have given them the joy and hope needed to fuel their next six weeks of intense ministry.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is the Western Coordinator for Evangelism Explosion.  His area of responsibility is huge!  Pray for the results of the Equip America training that was held in Billings, Montana recently.  Pray for the follow-up from Billings area congregations to ensure new Christians get plugged into churches where they can grow!  Pray for the Share Your Faith workshop and Everyday Evangelism classes scheduled in Pueblo, Colorado in August.  Pray Pueblo congregations will get excited about sharing their faith with the lost and downtrodden.  Pray for Kevin and Gina’s financial support.


Life Network: (COS) In June at least 53% of Life Network’s clients served in their three pregnancy centers were vulnerable to or determined to have an abortion.  More and more women are considering abortion.  These appointments are extremely draining to the Life Network staff and volunteers.  Please hold the Life Network team up in prayer.


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Jason Dilger, Executive Director at Mercy’s Gate will be on a sabbatical leave for two months starting August 1st. Pray for him as he strives to rest, recreate, read, reconnect with family and the Lord.  Pray for Mercy’s Gate Operations Director, Annette O’Cain, as she assumes Jason’s responsibilities.




Ken and Barbie: Pray for a grandmother and her granddaughter who recently came to Jesus as a result of the Holy Spirit, a local pastor and Ken and Barb’s teammates, Jason and Kristi’s personal outreach efforts.  Pray for the pastor and Jason and Kristi’s efforts to befriend and earn the trust of these villagers.  Pray the Lord would help the grandmother and granddaughter to grow in their faith.


Herb and Celeste: The evening before the English Kids Camp the teachers prayer walked the community.  Many families could be seen in their front rooms watching TV.  Many homes had a shrine illuminated by a red light bearing witness of their beliefs.  Temples were scattered along the route, there were no churches.  Many of the children who lived in these homes would attend the camp.  The curriculum included English Bible stories.  The gospel was presented in songs, games, stories, vocabulary, testimonies, EV cubes, salvation bracelets and art work.  Pray the seeds planted during this camp will have a lasting impact on these children!


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) This past week Mark and Lona celebrated their 36th anniversary!  Praise God for how the Lord works and blesses in marriage!  A doctor’s appointment has revealed Lona has degeneration in her lower back.  She has been referred to a doctor who may provide an injection for pain.