Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 8 Nov 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Jonathan and Myrna Ferre: (COS) Jonathan pastors Iglesia y Verdad (Grace & Truth Church).  It is a Spanish speaking church plant by the Pikes Peak Baptist Association.  Please lift him and his family up as they serve this congregation.  The Ferre’s could use your support; please contact the Pikes Peak Baptist Association at 719-635-0026 or ppba@ppba.org.  A young man attending their church has been influenced by false teaching.  Please pray for this man that he would patiently hear the truth of the Gospel.  Pray for some newcomers to their church to take their new member’s class.  Pray for more people to be led to help with their children’s ministry. 


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Kent is the Director of Christian Challenge (CC) on the UCCS campus.  They have had a great semester so far and they would love to be able to finish the semester with all the students they’ve had the privilege of getting to know.  UCCS has decided to go to online classes after Thanksgiving.  CC is currently alternating their Bible studies between church and home groups to cater to everyone’s comfort level.  Brooks Salgado their staff member is leading the guys’ group and two alums, Rachel and Sydney, are leading the girls’ group.  One of their main goals is to teach students how to grow in their personal walks with Christ so discipleship is a fantastic tool for them.  Pray for both the students being discipled and also those who are leading in discipleship to be faithful and committed to the process.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Isaac and Becca have finished over thirty hours of foster care training.  There are just a few more home visits and paperwork to be accomplished and then they will be certified foster parents.  Pray for them that the Lord would bless and be the Head of their parenting!  Last weekend one of their students was baptized!  He had been attending events during the semester.  Praise the Lord for the connections made to help this young man see the truth in Jesus Christ!  Praise the Lord for the paying down of their student debt!  $5,250 was donated then doubled by their generous matching donor – $10,500 paid down!  The donor is extending this matching opportunity through June 2021.  All one-time gifts will be doubled through June 2021.


Life Network: (COS) Praise the Lord for Life Network’s gala event last month and for the raising of over $400,000 for their pregnancy clinics. Thank the Lord for their advocacy for the unborn child!  Pray for the opportunity Life Network has in reaching young women seeking abortion. Pray these women will contact and reach out to Life Network and make appointments with staff and volunteers.  Pray these women will choose life for their babies.




Herb and Celeste: Praise the Lord a new couple is on their way to H and C’s location as new members of their team! Pray their paperwork is processed ASAP. The couple will fill roles as graphic artist and project manager.  There is the potential for two others who may be in the pipeline to their team.  A young man on the mainland recently prayed to accept Jesus into his heart. This young man was led by one of H’s disciples.  Pray for this young man as he continues to disciple others in the Lord!  H and C are beginning to teach an online marriage class with some friends in the large country.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Praise the Lord Reach Beyond’s real estate in Spain will soon have new owners!  Reach Beyond’s Dutch and United Kingdom offices are interested in using this property for their fast track program!  The building will be converted from offices into training areas for the fast track program and the land is large enough to accommodate training and testing of projects such as water well and recycling projects. The radio studios will remain and can also be used for training purposes.  Agreements have been drawn up – please pray this transfer will occur as anticipated! May God give Reach Beyond another 20 years of service in Spain.


Casas Por Cristo: (Mexico) Casas Por Cristo is a para-church organization which ministers to the poor in several countries. VGBC has a long partnership with the Casas Por Cristo office in El Paso, Texas.  This organization facilitates building homes for poor families across the border in Juarez, Mexico.  This year we tried twice to send a team to build houses and both times, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not go.  Pray for our VGBC volunteers who are already working on planning a March 2021 mission trip to build a home.  Pray for those who will volunteer to build and also pray for the financial resources for each family.  Each year VGBC conducts a rummage sale of secondhand goods which supports the building of houses in Juarez, Mexico.  This year the rummage sale was canceled so pray for financial resources designated to support this Ministry.


Oswald and Amanda: O and A have interviewed for their follow-on assignment.  Their sending agency is evaluating which people group to send them to.  Please pray for their agency’s wisdom as they consider where O and A should be serving.  Pray for O and A’s preparation (spiritual, physical, mental) as they ready themselves for overseas ministry.


K and B:  Their daughter is on the mend from COVID-19 but now her husband has it and one of their daughters.  Thank the Lord the cases seem to be mild.  There is also an aunt and a cousin who are likely infected.  Please pray for them to heal and that no other family members will be infected.  There are four new team members on their team.  These units have to receive visas to come into their country.  Many countries are still closed due to health concerns.  Pray for these new team members as they bide their time in the US waiting for clearance from the host government.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) A woman recently contacted the Webbs and told them she was raised in their church and told them how the church had a part in building her foundational faith. This woman became a missionary to the Far East and Turkey and now lives in England with her own family. She wants to come back and visit whenever travel restrictions are lifted. This has been a tremendous encouragement to the Webbs!  The lady in the biking accident had to be readmitted to the hospital. She is now home again but in tremendous pain; please pray for her rehabilitation.  Please pray for the ladies in the church who want to have some fellowship time by walking in the park also the ladies who are starting a new Bible study this week.  Pray for the pastor and his family in Kinsale who now have the virus. They are feeling OK but pray for their recovery.