Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 22 Nov 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Emily Skinner: (COS) The current Compass course will be the last one of 2020.  There are 34 adults and 23 children – five of the children are in Emily’s CHIPs class.  These five little people will be going with their parents to the Middle East, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.  Emily has made good connections with these kiddos – they appear to have open, learner’s hearts.  Pray for continued connections with these children.  Pray they will be open to receive the tools and lessons the Lord has for them to transition to intercultural life.  Pray for their Moms and Dads as they learn how to carry the Gospel to cultures and places that have never heard of the Name – Jesus!


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin met with Pastor Garrette Graupner at Fervent Church.  Pray they will be able to schedule an Evangelism Explosion workshop soon.  Pastor Jim Murray of Pueblo First Church has asked Kevin to teach a Share Your Faith Workshop in February 2021.  Pray for these workshops and for those who need to attend them.  Kevin is teaching Everyday Evangelism to two ladies via Zoom.  One of these ladies is going to be an Evangelism Explosion field worker like Kevin and is in the process of raising support.  There have been several cancellations due to sickness.  Pray they can all stay well and finish the training.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Praise the Lord, Christian Challenge’s entire leadership team is out of quarantine.  This past Tuesday evening was the first Bible study they’ve all attended since late October.  Christian Challenge continues to see new students joining Bible studies each week.  One student claimed to have lost his faith in God.  However, in past weeks this student has attended several Bible studies.  Another student was motivated to begin sharing his faith with his roommate after a Bible study.  Now the roommate has asked to join the Bible study. The fall 2020 semester has been strange yet God continues to show Himself in big and small ways!




K and B:  Pray for the little girl in Swirl land who was swept down the river during her Mom’s baptism ceremony.  The little girl was under water for 40 minutes.  The believers in Swirl land have been praying for this little girl 24 hours a day since she drowned.  Now this little girl is talking, smiling, eating and laughing.  When this girl drowned many non-believing relatives said they should not have been being baptized.  This was a superstitious act!  Please pray for this little girl and her mother as her miraculous healing is a testimony to the God of the universe!


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Continue to pray for the lady recuperating from the biking accident.  Madeleine’s best friend’s Mom, who lives in Colorado, was involved in an auto accident.  Thankfully there is no spinal cord damage.  Pray for her partner as he has several broken ribs.  Pray for his salvation and healing for both.  Praise the Lord, Madeleine had a great first week at her new job.  Pray for the marriages at Grace Baptist Church.  Also pray for Ian as he has tests over the next two weeks.


Herb and CelesteLast week Herb and Celeste had their landlords over for dinner.  The conversation eventually became spiritual in nature, in fact one of them asked Herb and Celeste, “Have you heard from God before?”  Praise God for such a question which opened the door for Celeste to share her personal testimony about how she had heard from God and how confident she was in the one true Creator God who hears and is powerful enough to respond!  Their neighbors continue to attend church with them; afterwards they have spiritual conversations over lunch.  Pray Holy Spirit will draw these people to accept Jesus as Lord.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) You may remember the tragedy Robbyn shared in September about the fire at the refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece.  The European Union took notice and created a new commission on migration and asylum.  The new commission relocated 720 unaccompanied minors to Germany, France, Italy and other European Union countries.  Additionally 1600 immigrants were relocated to the Greek mainland.  However, there are still approximately 8000 people at an alternate camp and the conditions are worse than they were on Lesbos Island. High winds close to the coast cause it to be very cold and the tents are very flimsy and built on the ground. There is no drainage and frequently people are living in mud.  Some of the refugees have relocated themselves voluntarily back to Lesbos Island because there are still three meals a day being served there.  However, this island has been previously used as a military firing range.  There are lead bullet fragments all over the island.  The children in these families are at risk from toxic lead pollution.  The European Union hopes to have all of these people relocated by Easter of 2021, however, that is an ambitious plan for so many people.  Please pray for these people, that the governments will do their best to take care of them.


Oswald and Amanda: Oswald and Amanda have been assigned to a new team in East Asia. Please pray for visas, for travel restrictions to be lifted and for a smooth transition to a new team. Also pray for medical support where they’re being assigned and that God would simply eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic.