Missions Prayer Requests

Week of 14 Mar 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Brooks Salgado: (COS) Two student leaders start their Ministry Initiatives this month on campus.  Both initiatives involve engaging students in prayer and evangelism.  Pray for the details to fall into place and that the Lord would use these efforts to minister to the campus.  Pray for Brooks and two other student leaders who are raising funds for an eight week mission trip to South Asia over the summer.  Pray the Lord would prepare their hearts and bless their preparations. 


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Mercy’s Gate has been serving El Paso County since 1982 by providing life-affirming direct services support, ongoing resources and education and a growing network of community referrals and partnerships to individuals and families facing crisis.  Mercy’s Gate is a Christ centered organization following Jesus and leading and seeking to share His love with others. Their desire is to see people flourish and walk with Christ in the local church.  Mercy’s Gate is comprised of several areas:  a food pantry to the working poor in our community; financial counseling; they also share Jesus with those people who come into their office. For information about volunteering your time or donating goods and or funds to this ministry please call 719-277-7470 or contact them at info@mercy‘sgatescs.org


Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) Homeless men, women and children sleep in tents along Fountain Creek.  They battle frigid temperatures and driving snow and many experience complete isolation and painful loneliness.  Please pray for the staff and volunteers at Springs Rescue Mission as they provide men and women struggling with homelessness and hunger a safe place of comfort and warmth at the Springs Rescue Mission.  To become a monthly sponsor please visit springsrescuemission.org or call 719-632-1822




Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (South of Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley are teachers at Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS).  The school is committed to educating the whole child within the context of a faith-based Christian School environment.  Please pray for the Jacksons and their four children as they connect and share Jesus with international students from cultures that have never heard the name of Jesus.  The school is now meeting in person again – pray for Dusty and Ashley to be able to reconnect with students.  Pray for them as they answer student’s questions about Jesus.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) The missionary who takes care of the accounting in the Africa region of Reach Beyond is leaving.  Leadership has asked Robbyn to take over the responsibility in addition to her normal duties of keeping the books for the North Africa and Middle East areas.  This will mean learning about their on-going projects, new currencies, new missionaries and new processes.  She will essentially be handling all of Africa and the Middle East.  Pray for her as she manages her time that she can keep up with the added demand of these new responsibilities.  Pray for new donors who would come alongside Robbyn to pray for her and financially support her.


K and B:  The little six year old girl who was swept away in the river during her mother’s baptism ceremony last year is doing very well!  You may remember this girl was found down river and likely under water for approximately 40 minutes.  She essentially died.  But her mother, a nurse, was able to resuscitate her.  Since then she has made great progress.  Many of the girl’s relatives condemned the baptism as a worthless cult act, criticizing her mother for participating in something that might have led to the child’s demise.  The Saints have prayed day and night and this little girl has made great progress.  The doctors say she is about seventy percent of what she was.  She is able to remember the event – she talks, sings and reads!  Her walking gait is a little uneven.  Pray this little girl would continue to defy worldly odds and that the Lord would use this event to bring many people (including skeptical relatives) to a saving knowledge of a loving and miracle working God!


Herb and Celeste: New team members in the US have been told their paperwork can be sent to their ministry country to apply for visas.  Thank the Lord for this open door!  Pray the paperwork will be found in perfect order and this couple can return to the mission field ASAP!  This couple must be out of their current home by 12 March.  Pray for temporary housing as they await visas.  A local pastor has asked H and C to start an English Bible study as an outreach of their church.  Pray the Lord would give them direction as to what to do.  This past week H and C’s team conducted the beta-testing for a virtual prayer room for their missionaries in this part of the world.  If this goes well they are hoping to provide a prayer room once a month for missionaries to lift up needs in concert with one another.  Imagine the fellowship of believers praying for one another, lifting up each other’s needs before the Lord?  What a powerful encouragement to our missionaries overseas!


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Pray for Mark as he counsels a couple.  Lona virtually attended a CrossWorld women’s conference last week.  Several women who attended the virtual conference were part of the Bosnian CrossWorld team who had the COVID-19 virus.  The ladies are recovering and feeling better.  The virus has disrupted the last two years of secondary school.  The Department of Education has given sixth year students several options.  Students can take the leaving certificate exams, go with their classroom scores, or opt for both.  If they opt for both, they will get the higher score between the two.  Pray the Irish government will allow churches to meet.