Missions Prayer Requests

Home Missionaries                                                                                                    Week of 13 April 2020


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: Thank you, church family, for your selfless gifts during this challenging time.  Your gifts through 15 Apr are $8,867.  If you have not yet given your gift to support North American missions, please prayerfully consider your part this next Sunday.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Pray for the Christian Challenge (CC) leadership selection process this month.  Selecting these leaders is key to helping CC stay visible and ministering on campus.  Pray God will prepare students to continue serving this ministry well. 

Foreign Missionaries

Oswald and Amanda:  O and A have been assisting in evangelism efforts where they are temporarily living.  As a part of evangelism training, O and A shared their faith with a youth group several weeks ago.  Pray these youth, by hearing these testimonials, will be able to nail down their own faith in the Lord and then be able to share their faith with others.  Please pray people will turn to Jesus during this time of need.

Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Easter Sunday was wonderful even though virtual.  God’s Spirit was edifying and encouraging.  A friend in their community “attended” the virtual Bible study and remarked they were a little overwhelmed by the depth of the study but said they would continue.  Pray they will continue and find the Lord’s salvation!

Herb and Celeste: Pray for their visa paperwork.  They are still looking for a church home and plan to visit with a pastor this week.  Pray for where the Lord wants them to serve.  Pray for continued spiritual discussions with Eli.  H and C will facilitate workshops this week.  Pray for the Lord’s leading during these sessions.

K and B: A believing Swirl lady lives in the mountains with her non-believing husband.  Her son qualified for the military, making mom and dad very proud of him.  Recently they heard the son had been placed in an insane asylum.  They found their son was not suffering from mental illness but had shared Christ with two soldier buddies.  Sharing Christ in the military is a no-no and will likely adversely affect his career chances.  The non-believing father blames all this on his son’s Christian beliefs and this has placed a rift between husband and wife!  Pray the son will rely on God and be of good courage.  Pray God would strengthen the relationship between wife and husband.  Pray for the soldiers the son shared Christ with!

Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Robbyn’s daughter, Natasha, had emergency surgery last month.  Pray for her continued healing.  Pray for Robbyn as she takes care of her job with Reach Beyond and also the care of her family.  The Shema radio group started in Ankara, Turkey in 1998.  The network has grown to five stations broadcasting Christian programming into Turkey and neighboring Arabic countries.  Unfortunately, Turkey’s power grid is not dependable.  The power can go on and off fifty times a day.  Each radio station needs a generator to allow them to broadcast without interruption.  Two of the five stations need a backup generator costing $9,000 each.  Please prayerfully consider how we can help keep these radio stations on the air twenty-four hours a day!