Missions Prayer Requests

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) directly funds Southern Baptist missions work in North America.  Please designate your special offering in a pink envelope in the brochure rack in the foyer.  Or annotate your check memo line AAEO if you’re mailing in your gift.


Kevin and Gina Green celebrate their anniversary 24 March.


Kent Slack celebrates his birthday 26 March.


Week of 21 Mar 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Kevin Green: (COS) Lots of news from Kevin.  He is just back from Phoenix, Arizona where he attended an Equip America conference where senior Evangelism Explosion leaders taught attendees how to share their faith.  The event was simulcasted across three time zones with 30 churches and 150 people virtually attending.  After the teaching portion, teams went out and shared their faith – 63 people heard the Gospel and 17 people professed Christ.  VGBC is going to host the same Equip America here at VGBC on June 26th!  Start praying now for this one day conference, for the churches that will join us, the attendees who will share their faith and the people who will have an opportunity to ask Jesus into their lives.  Pray for the pastors who will be asked to participate in this event.  Pray for those churches, that they will truly embrace how important it is to share Christ with others.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Kent Slack is the director of Christian Challenge at UCCS and here in the Springs.  Kent and Elizabeth have been encouraged in the past month. First they had planned a retreat for their students but decided against the retreat because they did not have the minimum number of people required to attend the camp. The Slacks realized the students probably needed downtime and recreational time. They get spiritually fed Tuesday nights during Bible study. So they did a day trip to a Denver mall and the IKEA.  Then there was a game night.  Finally they hiked the Painted Mines. They ended the week at the Slacks house with ice cream! Everyone had a great time and everyone felt refreshed.

The Slacks have seen spiritual growth during Tuesday night Bible studies.  They’ve seen new students each week and they generally return.  Pray for continued growth in the number of students who attend Bible study and spiritual growth in their lives.




Osawld and Amanda:  They are hoping to leave the US around 26 March.  Please pray for them as they get ready to leave.  Pray for all the details that go into an international move.  Pray for their children.  Pray for Rocky and the special support he needs.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (South of Seoul, South Korea) This past week the secondary school students where Dusty teaches observed three days of spiritual emphasis in his homeroom classroom – chapels were zoomed into those classrooms.   Pray the seeds sewn in these students will soften their spiritual hearts and help them be open to Christ.  One of Dusty’s students that he has been teaching since their arrival in South Korea is moving to Japan. Please pray the spiritual foundation that has been established in this young man will keep him and his walk solid in Christ.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) The Ephraim Project is on-going in one of the most restrictive countries in the Middle East.  One facet of the project teaches English to build relationships with those wishing to learn English.  Friendships develop and the Gospel is shared and people come to know Christ and are discipled in their new faith.  Sam and Dana are indigenous to this country but they are asylum seekers in Europe.  Before they left their country they planted five churches.  They reach back into their country remotely.  They have been witnessing to a man and his wife.  Recently this man came to Christ – his wife is very close too.  Please pray for this couple and for their discipleship.  Pray also for the Christians and pastor’s safety.  The government is investigating the churches and who attends them.


Herb and Celeste: The virtual prayer room comes on-line on 13 April.  Pray their team gets all the moving parts working.  The next Discover East Asia virtual event is 22 April.  Pray for H and C’s team as they work on this presentation.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord Ian has been in school for three weeks! Grace Baptist Church has run an advertisement in the local magazine offering free copies of the Gospel of Luke. Please pray that someone will take advantage of this and express a desire to talk about this advertisement or the Gospel of Luke.  Please pray for the couple that Mark has been counseling. Also pray for Jim and Barb who have been longtime supporters for many years they are dealing with health issues.  Please pray for the government to allow churches to meet in person again.