Missions Prayer Requests

\Home Missionaries                                                                                                   Week of 26 April 2020


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:  The VGBC goal has been $35,000 this year.  The gifts received through 19 Apr are $11,137.  The week of Sunday 26 Apr will be the last week to collect this important offering.  No doubt COVID-19 has had an impact on this offering, yet we know the Lord will make these funds more than adequate to serve His purposes in North American missions.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Pray for Christian Challenge as they plan virtual meetings and game nights to keep students engaged!  Pray students will lead disciplined lives since there is little accountability in not meeting together.  FOCUS was cancelled and this is a disappointment to the students who were planning to go and those who were going to receive their assistance.  Pray for the Slack family – their children are missing spring sports and Sarah especially is missing school and church.  Pray Sarah would be at peace with these changes.

Foreign Missionaries

Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) South Korea has taken steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 but schools and churches are not physically meeting yet.  How does a band teacher conduct class virtually?  Dusty has had to be creative.  What he misses most is the opportunity to counsel and disciple his students.  Secondary students log on for synchronous learning – five hours of teacher lectures each day!  Dusty is hesitant to add more screen time.  He has incorporated devotions into his class times.  Pray the Lord will use these times to reach these students and help them grow spiritually even though physically separated.

Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist had twenty-eight people in their Zoom service last Sunday!  Praise – the young woman who has been sick for several weeks was able to log into the service.  Last Friday night’s facebook family concert was fun.  Pray for everyone’s safety and good health.  Pray the government will exercise Godly wisdom as they start relaxing distancing restrictions.

Herb and Celeste: Huge praise – their country has not had to impose “stay at home” restrictions!  Pray for H and C’s continued good health.  Pray they will have continued opportunities to minister to people who need to hear about Jesus.  Pray for the right timing for them to return to their previous home to close out their apartment and recover their belongings.  Pray their long-term visas are approved before their temporary visas run out.  Pray their new landlord will have a softened heart to hear and receive the Gospel.  Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with the landlord.  Pray for guidance to their new local church.

K and B: You will remember the Swirl mother, a believer and her husband, a non-believer were so proud of their son who went off to be a soldier in their country.  And you will remember their great sorrow to learn their son had gotten into trouble by sharing his faith in Jesus with some fellow soldiers!  After this the mother began to pray “continually.”  For days and nights she prayed for her son.  Family members scoffed at her prayers – her husband said it was hopeless to pray.  Her son-in-law said her prayers were useless against the nation’s powerful army!  The faithful mother convinced her husband to go with her to the capital city (a long journey) to convince the army to release her son from the insane asylum.  An officer called the mother and said they had decided to release her son back to his original unit to continue his training!  Mother and father were joyfully stunned!  The skeptical son-in-law was shocked the prayers worked and had been answered!  After listening to the mother’s testimony, the son-in-law believed in Jesus!  The mother also shared with other family members.  The son-in-law now only wants to talk about Jesus!  Pray for the Mom, the un-believing Dad and other skeptics that Holy Spirit will melt away skepticism and Jesus can reign in their lives!

Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Robbyn’s daughter, Natasha, had emergency surgery last month.  Pray for her continued healing.  Pray for Robbyn as she takes care of her job with Reach Beyond and also the care of her family.  The Shema radio group started in Ankara, Turkey in 1998.  The network has grown to five stations broadcasting Christian programming into Turkey and neighboring Arabic countries.  Turkey’s power grid is not dependable.  The power can go on and off fifty times a day.  One radio station needs a generator to allow them to broadcast without interruption.  The remaining amount needed is $7,000 to outfit this last station with a generator.

Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Amanda works with Lydia-A Beating Heart, a Christ-centered pregnancy center.  K, a client at Lydia, was assaulted by two men, one of them a boyfriend, the other presumably someone she slept with.  These men kicked and hit her yelling, asking her whose baby she was carrying.  Pray K will seek help for her own protection.  Pray she will find the Lord of the harvest and place her trust in Him.  Pray for Lydia as they minister to K.