Missions Prayer Requests

We will receive gifts designated to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering through mid-April (11 April).  Please pray about your part of this vital offering!


Week of 28 Mar 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, Colorado) Isaac and Becca are VGBC-sent missionaries ministering as directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado.  Recently a young woman came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a result of the Christian Challenge ministry!  Pray for Mary as she continues to grow in the Lord.  Christian Challenge is beginning the Core Team application process for the upcoming year.  Pray the right students will be interested to apply.  Pray for Isaac and Becca’s wisdom as they select students to lead the ministry for the next two semesters.  Isaac and Becca have been taking care of their Foster son for the past six weeks.  Pray they can parent him well as he works through his trauma.  Pray also for their relationship with the biological mother and that they can be a light leading her to Jesus and all those involved in the case.


Kevin Green: (COS) As of April 1st, Kevin is taking on new responsibility at Evangelism Explosion as Western Regional Coordinator.  He will be responsible in growing the EE ministry in most of the western states.  Please pray for him as he develops more financial support.  He will be traveling to these states to encourage EE efforts in churches and developing more field workers to teach EE workshops throughout the western region of the US.  Pray for him as he takes on these new responsibilities.  Pray for the Equip America all day seminar in Colorado Springs coming up on June 26th.  There will be several churches connected and receiving this simulcasted presentation.  Pray the attendees will get the vision of sharing Christ with others and that this will be the start of revival in Colorado Springs.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) The three students who applied to FOCUS (international missions for the summer) have been accepted!  A team has been formed with three other universities and has begun team meetings via Zoom to start team building.  Please pray for these students as they prepare for an overseas trip at a time when so many countries are aren’t open.  Pray they will be able to go!  Pray for their financial support raising.  Pray for the details to fall into place.  Pray for Brooks Salgado who is the team leader and overseeing all team training.  He will attend team leader training in Kansas on March 26-28.




K and B:  Pray for the eight units who make up their team.  They are poised and ready to enter their countries for ministry.  Pray for the countries to open and pray for their paperwork.  Pray their paperwork would find super natural favor through the different governments that are involved.  Pray for these families to be well


Herb and Celeste: Herb and Celeste will begin teaching an English speaking Bible study in April in a small church in their town.  Please pray for them as they lead the Bible study.  Pray the Bible study will bring in people who will trust in Christ and be discipled!  Their teammate’s application for visas is being processed.  Pray there will be no delays or issues.  Pray for the virtual Bible study which continues with friends in the big country.  Pray they will have more opportunities to share Christ during the Easter season.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) The surgeries on her eyes have helped immensely – she can see again!  Praise God for these procedures and new glasses.  Earlier this month Robbyn had her gall bladder removed.  It has been painful and hard to rest.  Please pray for her to get a full night’s sleep.  Please continue to pray for Robbyn and her financial support.  Some of her donor/supporters have gone home to the Lord. 


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Thank you for praying for the spiritual emphasis last week.  It was a little strange to have chapel services in homeroom classrooms, yet God still used this time.  During this time Dusty and his students had deep and meaningful discussions resulting in two students confessing belief in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins!  Other students who did not commit to Christ have become more open and are discussing their thoughts.  Dusty’s students come from Russia, Korea, China and Japan.  Pray for these students that they will be open and have a thirst for knowledge about Jesus.  Pray for Dusty as he desires to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to share the love of Christ with these students.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) New cafes and food vendors are opening up to serve customers and make money as COVID restrictions loosen.  Most of these vendors are mobile and “take out” only.  They are all trying to make a little money and the Webbs are only too happy to boost the economy by sampling their wares!  Grace Baptist Church continues to have a good relationship with St Oliver’s National School.  Pray the Lord will help reduce the virus to the point where the church can meet in person again at the school.  Pray for Ian to finish the school year well.  Pray people in Killarney will see the advertisement in the magazine about Grace Baptist and contact Mark.  Pray for the couple Mark is counseling.