Missions Prayer Requests

Home Missionaries                                                                                        Week of 10 May 2020


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin has had to put several events on hold until social distancing has become more relaxed.  Pray for the future Share Your Faith workshop Kevin hopes to present at Agape Fellowship in Pueblo, Colorado.  As a part of the Casas Por Cristo trip in March, Kevin was going to provide glasses to the people of Juarez while sharing Christ with them.  The trip has been postponed until July.  Pray the COVID-19 pandemic has been eradicated permitting the team to minister. 


Mercy’s Gate; Southeast Baptist Food Pantry;  and Springs Rescue Mission: (COS) VGBC supports these local organizations as they attempt to feed people who are out of work and or homeless,  They also share Jesus with these people.  Please consider logging onto their web sites and find out how you can help them minister to others.


Emily Skinner: (COS) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, April and May Debriefing and Renewal (DAR) classes have been cancelled.  The May Compass training program has been postponed.  Staff who are working from home have been moving registrants to later class dates.  Emily has taken some time to explore curriculum changes for future classes.  Pray for MTI’s learn/grow process that leadership and staff would humbly keep their eyes on God’s instruction on improving programs.  Pray for Emily and colleagues that they will make wise decisions regarding personal, team and organizational priorities.


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:  Praise God for the funds VGBC provided to help win North America for Christ!  VGBC contributed $16,493.18!  Praise the Lord and thank you church!


Foreign Missionaries


Oswald and Amanda: In the next few weeks, Oswald and Amanda will be temporarily assigned in the US as they await return to their normal ministry area.  While in the US they plan to connect with churches and also take the time to have medical professionals check on Rocky.  Pray for this time in their family’s life as they wait on God’s timing.  Please consider helping this small family with temporary housing as they will likely be in the Colorado Springs area visiting family.  Contact Doug Wamble at dwamble@q.com.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty fell off his bike on 1 May, injuring his left arm and wrist.  An MRI revealed he needed surgery.  The surgery went well and required a short hospital stay.  A friend kept the children at their apartment allowing Ashley to be with Dusty at the hospital.  And people have ministered to them with food and support.  Praise God for the family of God!  Pray for Dusty’s recovery.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise – the zoom services are going well and more are “attending.”  The Irish government plans to relax restrictions over the next 15-18 weeks.  Churches hope to resume normal services by the end of July.  Grace Baptist has a doctor and nurse as regular attenders.  Pray for these front line workers and those in essential positions.


Herb and Celeste: Praise  H and C believe they have found a church home!  They have been given a thirty day extension to their temporary visas.  They are waiting on papers from the US but COVID-19 has slowed down the process.  Pray they receive these papers in a timely manner before the June deadline.  Thank the Lord for the divine appointment H had with Harold at McDonalds recently.  Pray Harold will trust in Jesus.


K and B: Huge praise – the security breach recently discovered was not as extensive as initially feared.  Once travel restrictions are lifted, roughly half of the ambassadors will be able to return to their areas of ministry!  Unfortunately K and B will never return to their original area again – a sad note for the many years of investment.  Yet God is not done with them!  Pray for their company’s wisdom as leadership considers how to use their rich experience, gifts and hearts for the lost!


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) Robbyn continues taking care of her mother while also holding down her ministry in Spain.  Her daughter comes over some afternoons to help with Mom but she is still recovering from last month’s surgery.  Mom has a wound on her ankle and really needs the attention of a wound care clinic.  However, the wound care clinics are located in the major hospitals in the area which are also treating COVID-19 cases.  The doctor has Robbyn changing the bandages every three to four hours.  Pray for mom’s healing and her pain management.  Pray for everyone’s rest!


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) Amanda longs to be able to hug again!  In this semi-isolated environment it is easy to feel alone!  Praise God there are several friends she is able to connect with 2-3 times each week which give fellowship and blessed connectedness!  The ladies at Lydia have been working from home, but they are planning to send care packages to some of their clients to encourage them.  They are also launching a new website which they hope will receive a lot of traffic from women searching for answers.  They anticipate the COVID-19 lock-down could result in an uptick in unplanned pregnancies.  Pray women will find Lydia and seek help in a very difficult time.  Pray Lydia will be known as a safe and trusted place for their support.