Missions Prayer Requests

So far we have collected $16,531 for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  The church goal is $35,000.  There are only two more Sundays to collect this special offering.  Please pray about your part of this vital offering!


Week of 4 Apr 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily returned to the recent COMPASS and CHIPs program where 28 missionaries and their 13 children have been training for overseas ministry.  Emily has been caring for and training two precious girls for their part of their parent’s ministry.  They are slated to minister in Argentina and Indonesia.  The entire class of missionaries will deploy to 15 countries around the world.  Please pray for these families and their effectiveness on the mission field.  Pray for Emily as she ministers to families and as she raises her own financial support.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, Colorado) Isaac and Becca are VGBC-sent missionaries ministering as directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado.  Recently a young woman came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a result of the Christian Challenge ministry!  Pray for Mary as she continues to grow in the Lord.  Christian Challenge is beginning the Core Team application process for the upcoming year.  Pray the right students will be interested to apply.  Pray for Isaac and Becca’s wisdom as they select students to lead the ministry for the next two semesters.  Isaac and Becca have been taking care of their Foster son for the past seven weeks.  Pray they can parent him well as he works through his trauma.  Pray also for their relationship with the biological mother and that they can be a light leading her to Jesus and all those involved in the case.


Kevin Green: (COS) As of April 1st, Kevin is taking on new responsibility at Evangelism Explosion as Western Regional Coordinator.  He will be responsible in growing the EE ministry in most of the western states.  Please pray for him as he develops more financial support.  He will be traveling to these states to encourage EE efforts in churches and developing more field workers to teach EE workshops throughout the western region of the US.  Pray for him as he takes on these new responsibilities.  Pray for the Equip America all day seminar in Colorado Springs coming up on June 26th.  There will be several churches connected and receiving this simulcasted presentation.  Pray the attendees will receive the vision of sharing Christ with others and that this will be the start of revival in Colorado Springs.


LifeNetwork: (COS) LifeNetwork is opening a third pregnancy center in Fountain, Colorado.  They have raised $175,000 to fund the renovations and furnishings for this building that they recently purchased for this pregnancy center!  They would be very grateful for your partnership in the day-to-day operations of this third very important location.  Please pray for them and their leadership for protection and the Lord’s favor in this ministry.  Pray for building permits to be secured quickly to allow renovations to begin.  If you have a skill set to help this ministry please volunteer at this email address kellsworth@elifenetwork.com or call 719-355-1176.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) Praise the Lord Kent and Elizabeth and their family are back home after camping out in a hotel/motel for several weeks while their home was repaired from water pipe damage!  It has been exhausting to live in such tight quarters with three children and a dog!  Pray the repairs to the home allow them to rest and spread out again in their home.  Pray for the Christian Challenge ministry.  Lift up the students who are busy raising money for their summer mission trips and pray for these missions to actually go!  Pray for visa applications to be quickly approved for all team players!



Oswald and Amanda: They arrived in their ministry country this past week with all twenty bags of luggage!  Praise God for their safe arrival to the mission field.  Already they have been meeting teammates and surveying their minority group.  They are in a temporary apartment.  Pray for the details to come together – permanent living quarters, furnishings, shopping to stock the home and getting to meet the people group they want to meet.  Pray the Lord will give them opportunities and relationships to build on.  Oswald says the jet lag has been minimal – pray they will all be able to rest after so many hours of endless travel.


K and B:  Pray for the eight units who make up their team.  They are poised and ready to enter their countries for ministry.  Pray for the countries to open and pray for their paperwork.  Pray their paperwork would find super natural favor through the different governments that are involved.  Pray for these family’s health and wellness.  Pray for K and B’s health clearance to allow them to return to the mission field.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Mbingo Baptist Hospital, in Mbingo Cameroon, part of the Cameroon Baptist Convention is in the process of building a radiation therapy building to hold two radiotherapy machines.  Reach Beyond Regional Director, Bill Cheung and his wife Emily are civil engineers and have provided the engineering design for this building.  When patients are treated at this facility they hear the clear Gospel message from a team of chaplains and through televised Christian programming and music.  The staff also hold daily worship meetings each morning when shifts begin.  Unfortunately a funding source for the materials of this building has stopped donating funds partly due to civil unrest in Cameroon.  When this building is completed it will be the only location in Cameroon to receive radiation treatment.  Please pray for donors to pick up the responsibility for these crucial donations!

Herb and Celeste: Pray for the virtual mission tours coming up in April.  Pray the Lord would use these tours to help Christ followers and churches here in the US see how they can be used in Asia.  Pray participants who watch these virtual tours will catch the vision and sense a call to go to Asia to help in ministry.  Pray churches will desire to get involved.  Pray Herb and Celeste and their team will have more opportunities to share Christ during the Easter season.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Pray the government of Ireland will loosen the restrictions soon so churches can meet personally again. Pray for Ian and his mental health to grow ever stronger! Praise God he and has two weeks off from school.  Pray young families will find a church home at Grace Baptist Church and help this congregation grow!