Missions Prayer Requests


Home Missionaries                                                                                        Week of 13 May 2020


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS/Greeley) Isaac and Becca are beginning the transition to their new job as directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado!  They will need an additional $2,100 monthly in this new role!  We can help them by praying for them but also keeping our gifts going to them and also increasing our gifts.  VGBC will be their main support as they transition to UNC.  Please pray for them and also consider raising your existing support for this couple.  If you are not currently financially supporting them, please consider calling the North American Missions Board to designate a monthly gift for them. 


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) VGBC supports this local ministry with a financial gift each month.  But there are so many more ways individuals can help.  You may make a financial contribution, give food and staples to their pantry, and volunteer your services as a counselor.  One of our deacon couples shares Christ with the neighbors who need Mercy’s Gate’s assistance.  Pray for Mercy’s Gate’s Executive Director, Jason Dilger and the volunteer staff.  Pray for their wisdom in answering the needs of many hurting people who need help and need Christ.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) 15 May is the official end of the semester.  During the last two months of the semester Christian Challenge was able to transition their ministry to online Bible studies and activities.  The feedback was good from those who participated!  Now as the Slacks prepare for the future, with their leadership team displaced and no staff to help, Kent is feeling the crunch of how to make summer ministry happen.  Kent’s quote says it all, “This is a season that seems to require more help than we’ve ever had before, yet we’re going into it with less help than we’ve had in 5 years.”  Pray for these issues: 

·         Summer plans for Bible studies with current COVID-19 restrictions without staff/leadership. 

·         Plans for Fall (allowing for whatever regulations could be in place).

·         Ways to connect with and recruit freshmen now that there are no student orientations.

·         A new process from which staff/interns can be added ASAP.

·         What can stay the same and what needs to be restructured.

·         Leadership team selection/recruitment process.


Foreign Missionaries


Oswald and Amanda: Oswald, Amanda, Rocky and Smoky arrived in the US last week and are staying with Amanda’s family in the Southeast.  They will be in COS sometime in the next few weeks after they shed their jet lag.  Pray for the opportunity to make doctor visits and catch up with the medical community with their little boys.  Also pray for their safety as they travel and visit friends and relatives.  It is hard to do these things while socially distancing.  If there is anyone who has an extra van for a small family to use in the coming weeks, please contact Doug Wamble.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty is healing well from his wrist surgery.  He gets his stitches out Friday, 15 May.  He was able to type a paper for a seminary class, but it is painful.  Pray for his continued healing.  Korea has been doing great in controlling COVID-19.  However, last weekend an asymptomatic individual went clubbing to multiple nightclubs and bars and now authorities are concerned about another outbreak.  Pray for the complete eradication of this virus.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise – everyone at Grace Baptist is well!  Mark has two weeks to go in seminary!  Pray for front line workers like the ER nurse who had twins years ago.  She will soon need a new childcare provider.  Pray for her protection especially when she is taking care of patients at the hospital.  The doctor in their church is looking for different office space since her previous office building is being closed.  Pray the recorded Sunday school lessons will be a blessing to those who watch them.  Pray the new government will relax visa requirements allowing more missionary workers into the country.


Herb and Celeste: Sunshine was one of the original divine appointments H and C had at their first duty station.  Over the years, H and C presented the Gospel many times to her and she finally invited Jesus into her life.  Several duty stations since then H and C continue to disciple this woman electronically.  Sunshine continues to grow in Christ.  Pray for her aging parents who need Jesus.


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) A Reach Beyond partner radio station in Guayaquil, Ecuador has suffered great loss in the last several days.  The station has a staff of five people.  One of the pastors who had done programming for years died of COVID-19.  Two more on the same program are in the hospital.  Two donors and a doctor who participates regularly on programs died last week.  Another doctor is in the hospital.  Pray the workers of this station would be encouraged and know the Lord is using their station to bring the lost to Christ and encourage the hurting people in their area. 


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) You will remember the young woman Amanda referred to as K had been assaulted by a boyfriend and maybe another lover because of her pregnancy.  On May 10th her father passed away.  Her father was the only stable figure in her life.  And now K feels awful!  K was away visiting relatives and her father was not well and had begged her to please come back home.  K’s mother is in a psychiatric ward.  A Lydia counselor and a Christian lawyer have been counseling her daily.  Due to the unstable home, there is concern Social Service may take K’s child.  Pray for K as she grieves the loss of her father.  Pray for her life as it seems to have crashed down around her.  Pray she will be open to hearing that the God of the universe loves her and His Son died for her.