Missions Prayer Requests

This coming Sunday (11 Apr) is the last Sunday we will collect the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  Thank you for support of this vital offering!


Week of 11 Apr 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Jonathan Ferre: (COS) The work at their church continues. The men continue to meet monthly to encourage each other and the women have done so as well.  Their church takes every opportunity to share together as a family in the faith.  This past January their son Jonatan celebrated his ninth birthday and Myrna recently published a new devotional book for women based on the book of Psalms.  Peniel has found a new hobby that he enjoys – chess.  Jonathan is now a chaplain candidate in the Army reserves and will go to training this summer for three months at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina.  During this time their church will meet with the Garden Ranch congregation and services will be bilingual.  Pray for Myrna and the family while he is out of town during this training.  Jonatan has autism and is becoming more of a challenge each day for Jonathan and Myrna.  Pray for their wisdom and patience as they parent him each day.  Pray for a miracle in this boy’s life!


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily returned to the recent COMPASS and CHIPs program where 28 missionaries and their 13 children have been training for overseas ministry.  Emily has been caring for and training two precious girls for their part of their parent’s ministry.  They are slated to minister in Argentina and Indonesia.  The entire class of missionaries will deploy to 15 countries around the world.  Please pray for these families and their effectiveness on the mission field.  Pray for Emily as she ministers to families and as she raises her own financial support.




Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) Because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the Reach Beyond missionary in Southern Spain who is responsible for Radio Vida FM has not been able to connect with local pastors until recently.  Now that those restrictions have been lifted the missionary has met area pastors to engage them on how they can become the principle resource for programming.  Pray the Lord will use this programming to encourage Christians and also to bring others searching for Jesus to know Him more fully.


Oswald and Amanda: They are now in their new ministry country.  Pray for them as they get settled in their new city.  Pray the Lord would help them stay well after the many hours of travel – several airplanes, airports and cars/buses.  Pray they will assimilate well into their new surroundings.  Pray they will be able to set up their new home.  Pray for unity of their new team as they discover best ways to engage their new people group and their language.


K and B: Pray for their team members as they apply for visas into their ministry countries.  Pray they can all be in country by August 2021.  Pray for K and B as they hike and relax here in the US.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Who would’ve thought Grace Baptist Church would be meeting for a second Easter Sunday on Zoom?  Pray the government will reduce restrictions and allow churches to meet in person again.  Praise the Lord citizens can now travel within the county and they are able to gather outside in small groups.  Pray the Holy Spirit would move in the hearts of the people in Killarney, County Kerry and all of Ireland.  Pray the Lord would bring a revival across Ireland!


Herb and Celeste: Two Uber drivers on Easter Sunday told H and C about their knowledge of Jesus Christ!  One became a believer over ten years ago and shared how difficult it is for his people to go against cultural heritage.  But he also shared about the amazing difference Jesus has made in his life!  The other Uber driver confessed he had never heard of Jesus until H and C’s ride with him!  Pray for him – the Lord knows his name!  Praise the Lord, the all-day online training for missionaries went well!  And the beta test for the East Asia Prayer Zoom Room went very well!  Thank the Lord for H and C’s team and for the use of this technology which brings team members from several countries into one “room.”  Their new teammates are waiting on visa paperwork approval.  Pray for rapid approval.