Missions Prayer Requests

Home Missionaries                                                                            Week of 20 May 2020


Isaac and Becca Herold: (COS/Greeley) Last week Isaac and Becca began a sprint toward raising an additional $2,100 to handle their increased needs as they transition to their new job as directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado!  Praise God this past week many of you responded and helped them attain thirty-five percent of their goal!  Thank you!  Please continue to pray for them – their transition details, housing, church, support network in the Greeley area.  Pray the Lord would be glorified as they lead the Christian Challenge ministry on the campus at the University of Northern Colorado!


Life Network: (COS) During this pandemic the Life Network staff has seen many people come into their offices willing to talk about faith!  There are so many fears – financial crises and unexpected pregnancies.  A young, deaf woman and her interpreter came to a Life Network clinic thinking she was pregnant.  Her pregnancy test came up negative.  She was so relieved.  Afterward, with her permission, the Life Network volunteer shared the Gospel with her and she accepted the invitation to follow Jesus!  Praise God!  Pray for this woman and others who are searching for the peace that only Jesus can provide.  On June 6th, Life Network will host their annual walk for life.  This year because of the pandemic, you are encouraged to walk in your own neighborhoods.  Go to their web site https://www.walkforlife.com/ to register for this event.  Pray for Life Network’s impact as they provide free services to women and share the Gospel!


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) 15 May is the official end of the semester.  During the last two months of the semester Christian Challenge was able to transition their ministry to online Bible studies and activities.  The feedback was good from those who participated!  Now as the Slacks prepare for the future, with their leadership team displaced and no staff to help, Kent is feeling the crunch of how to make summer ministry happen.  Kent’s quote says it all, “This is a season that seems to require more help than we’ve ever had before, yet we’re going into it with less help than we’ve had in 5 years.”  Pray for these issues: 

·         Summer plans for Bible studies with current COVID-19 restrictions without staff/leadership. 

·         Plans for Fall (allowing for whatever regulations could be in place).

·         Ways to connect with and recruit freshmen now that there are no student orientations.

·         A new process from which staff/interns can be added ASAP.

·         What can stay the same and what needs to be restructured.

·         Leadership team selection/recruitment process.


Foreign Missionaries


K and B:  A security breach and COVID-19 has caused the displacement of 200 families in East Asia.  Their organization is in the process of a restructure and redeployment of EA personnel.  The team K and B led has dissolved.  The staff will receive new assignments and supervisors.  Everyone is trusting Sovereign God and grieving the abrupt loss of ministry among the people groups they love.  Pray for deepening faith and for comfort during transition.


Oswald and Amanda: Pray for Oswald, Amanda, Rocky and Smoky as they adjust to the US.  Pray for their rest and for medical appointments for their family.  They will be in COS sometime in the next few weeks.  Pray for their safety as they travel and visit friends and relatives.  It is hard to do these things while socially distancing.  If there is anyone who has an extra van for a small family to use in the coming weeks, please contact Doug Wamble.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty continues to heal well.  He would like to get back on his bike but the doctor says he needs to stay off the bike for six weeks after surgery.  Ashley has been asked to co-lead elementary school life next school year.  She will be leading chapels, Spiritual Emphasis Week and week of prayer.  She is excited to be able to minister to the student body.  Pray for wisdom as she creates and plans these events.  Many school students are from backgrounds where they have never heard of Jesus.  Pray they can design lessons that will show the truths of the Bible.  Pray lessons and chapels will invite students to engage with Creator God!


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Grace Baptist Church has maintained “attendance” numbers even though they are meeting online for Sunday and Wednesday Bible study.  They have even had some visitors.  Mark’s morning coffee with the Costa Coffee crowd has had to be curtailed for a while.  The government has advised their citizens to travel no more than two kilometers unless they are going to the doctor, pharmacy or grocery store.  They have not been able to get out and enjoy their beautiful scenery or visit their church members.  Pray their church can stay connected to each other and to God as they serve their families.  This past week Ian finished his school year and Mark finished his last class for his degree program!


Herb and Celeste: H and C recently had dinner with their neighbors, Gabe and Sydney.  Their conversation turned to the Gospel presentation.  Pray the Lord would use these planted seeds to bring them to ask Jesus into their lives.  H and C are trying to figure out how to retrieve their personal belongings from their previous apartment.  Unfortunately it is looking as if many of their things will have to be given up as a loss.  This is sad.  Pray friends might be able to at least forward some pre-packed suitcases to them.  Pray for H and C’s spirit and morale as this reality hits them.  Pray for new company initiatives rolling out next month.  Pray planning and execution reflect God’s creativity and excellence.  Pray for the young man H met at the McDonalds weeks ago.  Pray he would call out to Jesus.


Robbyn Booker: (COS/Spain) The area where their radio station offices are located is Campo de Gibraltar.  This is a very poor area in Southern Spain.  The unemployment rate is normally over 35% but worse now that the pandemic has shut down businesses.  Spain has surpassed Italy in COVID-19 cases and the entire country has been on lock down since 15 Mar.  Many people have not had food to eat.  Reach Beyond has partnered with area churches to get food into the homes of some of the Spaniards who have been most affected.  Please pray for their safety, wellness and may God use these desperate times to bring people to Jesus.  Pray for area pastors and their families.


Amanda Peck: (North Macedonia) You will remember the young woman Amanda referred to as K had been assaulted by a boyfriend and maybe another lover because of her pregnancy.  On May 10th her father passed away.  Her father was the only stable figure in her life.  And now K feels awful!  K was away visiting relatives and her father was not well and had begged her to please come back home.  K’s mother is in a psychiatric ward.  A Lydia counselor and a Christian lawyer have been counseling her daily.  Due to the unstable home, there is concern Social Service may take K’s child.  Pray for K as she grieves the loss of her father.  Pray for her life as it seems to have crashed down around her.  Pray she will be open to hearing that the God of the universe loves her and His Son died for her.