Missisons Prayer Requests

Please consider a one-time gift to help the Casas Por Cristo Team as they build a house for deserving people in Juarez, Mexico.  Your funds will help this team purchase much needed supplies and building materials.  Simply place your gift in a pink envelope earmarked for “Mexico Missions Trip.”


Week of 21 Feb 2021


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                            


Jonathan and Mryna Ferre: (COS) Church planters with the North American Mission Board and the Pikes Peak Baptist Association, Jonathan pastors Gracia y Verdad, a Spanish speaking church.  Pray for their membership class – the candidates and their preparations.  Jonathan recently quit his part-time job to concentrate more on his family and pastoring the church.  Pray the Lord will provide for the families in their church.  Pray church members would place their total faith in the Lord no matter what challenges and difficulties this year might bring.


Mercy’s Gate: (COS) Behind every service offered to community neighbors, Mercy’s Gate’s common goal is to share the Gospel of Christ to the lost and suffering. Testimonial after testimonial documents Mercy’s Gate’s impact on our community – helping to pay electrical bills, rent, providing groceries and sharing the love of Christ with the lost!  Please pray for and consider a donation to their ministry. Also, consider personally getting involved.  Plan to attend a volunteer orientation tour on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00PM – 2:00 PM so you can learn how your gifts and talents can be used at Mercy’s Gate.  Contact Mercy’s Gate at 719-470-2503 or volunteer@mercysgatecs.org.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) This current semester has been the most challenging in their ministry!  Because of the fluid nature of managing COVID-19 precautions, UCCS leadership has had to make changes sometimes affecting others with little notice.  Normally Christian Challenge (CC) plans a Spring Break trip or project that centers on providing a service to others or sharing the Gospel.  This year they planned to minister in Mexico.  However, the university changed Spring Break to only three days.  When the university changed their Spring Break plans, CC had to change abruptly and energize students to get involved.  So CC had a “staycation” here in the local area 17 – 19 Feb.  This time was used for students to connect and form relationships and go deeper in their walk with Jesus.  Pray the weather allowed for some outside activities and that everyone will stay well and healthy.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is teaching On The Job Training next week in Phoenix, Arizona as part of the Equip America event.  Pray for the pastors and church leaders who will attend.  Pray they would be encouraged to share the hope of the Gospel one on one with others.  Kevin is leading a Share Your Faith workshop at Springs Lighthouse church on March 20th.  Pray for this event – pray for good interest and attendance.  Also, pray this church will want to continue through an eight week semester of Everyday Evangelism.


LifeNetwork: (COS) The new administration is once again planning to use federal tax dollars to finance abortions overseas and they plan to reinstate federal funding for abortions under Title X, increasing federal support to Planned Parenthood.  These are sad times yet LifeNetwork is choosing to look beyond these developments to minister to women “one life at a time.”  When you pray and financially support LifeNetwork you are investing in the lives of mothers, fathers and their pre-born babies who need your help.  Soon LifeNetwork will open their Fountain Valley pregnancy center, their third pregnancy center in Colorado Springs.  This pregnancy center is located in the heart of an area where women and men are facing crisis pregnancies every day.  Use this link Give the gift of life! – Life Network to help LifeNetwork minister to others or volunteer your time.



Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord there were 34 in attendance this past Sunday morning at Grace Baptist Church. Also praise – Ian has the week off and will be preparing for midterm exams.  Pray for the government to allow churches to meet physically.  Pray Grace Baptist Church will focus on God’s word and be encouraged during this lockdown.  The church recently placed an advertisement in a local magazine offering free copies of the Gospel of Luke.  Please pray this advertisement will be seen by people who need to know who Jesus is and that they will contact the church.  Pray for the couple that Mark is counseling.  The French government is trying to pass a law restricting Muslim autonomy in France. If this proposed law passes this could adversely impact other faiths such as evangelical churches. Please pray that this will not pass in the French government.  Pray for the staff, teachers and students at Saint Oliver’s National School.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) The missionary who has been handling the financial records for Reach Beyond’s Sub –Saharan Africa Region is leaving at the end of this month.  Reach Beyond’s leadership has asked Robbyn to take over this responsibility and Robbyn has accepted the position.  She’s really going to be busy!  Pray for her time management and, of course, she is handling these responsibilities on two different continents and she is about eight time zones away from the actual people she’s helping.  Also pray for her upcoming gall bladder surgery on March 8th.  Pray for the surgery to go well and for her to recover quickly.


K and B:  They are now in COS – give them an elbow bump when you see them these next few weeks!  One unit (couple) has arrived in their ministry area from the US and is in quarantine.  Pray for five other units waiting to enter their ministry country.  Pray for B’s father as he recuperates from a heart procedure.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley are seeking the Lord’s wisdom and leading as they explore other areas of ministry.  Dusty has interviewed for a youth pastor position in a church in the US.  Please pray for them as they seek what God has in store for them.


Oswald and Amanda: Rocky’s surgery on 26 Jan went well but he is healing slowly and encountering more swelling than anticipated.  Oswald and Amanda will likely hold off coming back to COS until Rocky’s swollen leg subsides.  Pray for his complete recovery and that he will be able to fit into his prosthetic.  Pray for their wisdom as they think about returning to COS and eventually to their new home of ministry.


Herb and Celeste:  One of their teammates has to pass a language exam.  Pray this will happen so she can join H and C’s team full-time.  Pray for the borders to their country to open up so new team members can arrive.  Another virtual missions tour occurred this past Wednesday evening.  Pray for its outcome.  Pray the Lord would use these virtual tours and that Holy Spirit would lead others to the missions field.