Missisons Prayer Requests

Each September we emphasize the Colorado Baptist Nicy Murphy Missions Offering.  This special offering, just like the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, honors a woman who selflessly gave herself to spreading the Gospel.  In 1955 Nicy Elizabeth Murphy became a pioneer servant among Southern Baptists in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.  The Colorado General Convention was organized in 1956 and Nicy served as the first director of the Women’s Missionary Union.  She gave leadership to teaching new believers and young churches the value of being on mission where they lived and extending their influence all over the world.  This year, the VGBC Colorado Nicy Murphy Missions Offering goal is $15,000.  This offering funds evangelism outreaches throughout Colorado, church planting efforts, resort and leisure ministries at ski resorts, the Ponderosa Ranch ministry, disaster relief and seminary student scholarships.  Please prayerfully consider supporting this offering with a gift!


Week of 12 Sep 2021




Jonathan and Myrna Ferre: (COS) Jonathan is a church planter with the Pikes Peak Baptist Association and the North American Mission Board.  He pastors the Spanish-speaking congregation, Iglesia Gracia y Verdad.  He is just back from Army Chaplains School as a reserve US Army Chaplain.  Pray for Jonathan as he gathers his church back together on Sunday mornings.  Pray the Lord would provide him a job that would allow him to handle his pastoral responsibilities while also providing for his family.

Kevin Green: (COS) The Lord is using Evangelism Explosion’s Equip America events across the country to bring people to faith in Jesus!  Already this year 358 churches have participated in 26 cities in sharing their faith with 1135 people and 306 new believers are now our brothers and sisters in Christ!  This past August Evangelism Explosion held an Equip America event in Willmar, Minnesota.  During this event 33 churches and their teams went out with the express purpose of meeting people and sharing Christ with non-believers.  The result of this outreach was out of 64 people who heard the Gospel, 38 people asked Jesus into their hearts!  Continue to pray for Equip America events across the US.  Kevin will teach a Share Your Faith workshop at VGBC on September 11th and an EV-2 class begins September 12th.  Pray and consider being a part of these workshops.  Become equipped to share your faith!



Herb and Celeste: Pray for believers in their former country as they navigate life in a difficult environment.  Sunshine is a believer who was asked by her church to serve as a counselor at a week-long summer camp.  By serving as a counselor at the camp she would give up her only income – a week’s income as an after school tutor.  After praying she felt the Lord was leading her to serve at the camp regardless of the loss of income.  She was responsible for five elementary girls – one little girl hung onto her arm from morning to evening each day.  Sunshine provided her girls an example of a Godly woman who loves others and lives for Jesus in the midst of a government which wants to dominate people’s beliefs and trust.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty and Ashley Jackson are previous VGBC members and are school teachers at Gyeonggi Suwon International School.  A few weeks ago Dusty preached the chapel message about contentment.  After the service one of his students, a senior told him his message helped him with his perspective on the SAT test he was taking the next day.  Other students also shared they were more engaged in the worship service.  Please pray these students will find contentment in Jesus Christ!  Dusty is leading praise team for middle school and Ashley is leading praise team for upper elementary ages.  Pray for them as they disciple these young people to have hearts of service as they lead worship.


Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) Robbyn is a missionary with Reach Beyond, formerly HCJB.  She lives in Colorado Springs with her mother.  Her parents were long time missionaries with HCJB in Quito, Ecuador.  Robbyn is in charge of administration (legal and financial) for Reach Beyond ministries in Africa and the Middle East.  A Reach Beyond ministry partner sent books to a listener in a restricted access country.  Later the partner found out the resources helped the listener come out of a serious family problem.  Soon after this, the ministry partner had an opportunity to share the Gospel message with the man and his children.  The man knelt down with the ministry partner and asked Jesus to be His Lord!


Ken and Barbie: Pray for Ken and Barbie as they absorb, digest and organize their thoughts and plans about their fifth new assignment and responsibilities in the past three years.  They are learning a new language and feeling a little overwhelmed!  Pray the Lord would clarify and help their hearts understand how He will use them during this new ministry.  Pray II Timothy 1:7 over them!  Pray for Swirl believers as they are under great persecution.  Pray the Lord would give them holy boldness to share their faith in the face of such persecution.