Prayer Requests

Week of 1 Aug 2021




Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, Colorado) In one short year everything in Isaac and Becca’s lives has changed!  They live in a new town, new house, new child to take care of and nurture.  There is a new Christian Challenge (CC) staff, new friends, new students – the transition to new things brings stress and challenges.  Pray for Isaac and Becca as they begin their second school year this fall.  Pray for their marriage relationship.  Pray for the CC leadership selection process.  Pray for late summer events and Bible studies to help guide students to a closer relationship with Jesus.


Emily Skinner: (COS) Emily is the Assistant Director for the Compass CHIPs Program at Mission Training International in Palmer Lake, Colorado.  A few weeks ago MTI graduated another batch of missionaries destined to minister in 17 different countries.  Of the fifty-five people who received training, twenty-two of them were children who learned about Jesus and to love well.  MTI has several job vacancies.  Pray the Lord would send MTI the right people for these open positions and pray the positions would be filled soon.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) They have been able to participate in a few student orientations this summer at UCCS.  Pray the contacts made with students result in students getting involved in Fall events and ultimately bringing students closer to following Jesus in their everyday walk with the Lord.  Pray the Lord would bring wisdom to the leadership selection process for the next school year.  Pray students will continue to attend late summer Bible studies and that there would be continued spiritual growth.




Robbyn Booker: (Africa/Middle East) The Rohingya refugee camps have a much higher COVID-19 rate than ever before.  Reach Beyond’s missionary nurse, Hannah, has been working in this refugee camp.  Thank the Lord she is fully vaccinated.  But with the restrictions she can no longer reach the young expecting mothers she has been ministering to in the past.  Hannah feels she’s losing ground on the gains she has made in establishing relationships with these young mothers.  The government requires people who receive a positive test for COVID-19 to go into a quarantine center.  This experience, especially for a refugee, causes a great deal of fear and stress.


Oswald and Amanda: The COVID-19 restrictions have lifted and Oswald and family are now able to get out into the city and meet others.  They live near a temple which draws members of their target people group into their midst.  They love walking into town – their boys really draw a lot of attention to their family.  Pray this attention will result in new relationships and friend building with their target group.  Pray Oswald and Amanda will perfect the language they are learning to communicate with their people group.  Another like-minded couple is moving into their area at the end of this month (July).  Pray they will be diligent partners in meeting their people group.  Amanda and the wife of the other couple have already met and are planning ways to meet ladies in the area.  Oswald and the husband have played soccer with some of the target people group in order to build relationships.  Pray for relationships and divine appointments.


Herb and Celeste: They are on Stateside assignment visiting family.  Pray they would know how to best serve their parents while in the US.  Pray COVID-19 continues to subside so borders will reopen for missionaries and volunteers to return to their countries.  Pray for their Bible studies and mentorships that continue on-line.  Pray for possible new teammates who would be welcomed, added talent to the team.


Ken and Barbie: This past weekend Ken and Barbie were set free from their fifteen day hotel room stay and they set out for their real home.  They were able to hire a driver and made the 375 mile trek to their home in one day!  Pray for them to get settled.  Pray for the rest of their team as they are trying to enter the country as well.