Prayer Requests

Week of 18 Oct 2020


HOME MISSIONARIES                                                                             


Emily Skinner: (COS) Mission Training International is a para-church organization in Palmer Lake, Colorado which prepares missionaries for cross-cultural ministry around the world.  The training also includes the children of those missionaries.  That’s where our VGBC church member, Emily Skinner, comes in.  She helps direct the CHIPs (Children’s Intercultural Programs) and works with little people to prepare them to help their mommies and daddies on the mission field.  It would be easy to assume her duties are babysitting but that is way off base.  The curriculum she teaches prepares these children to complement their parents as they minister.  The latest graduates are headed to seventeen different nations around the world.  Pray for these families as they take the Gospel to other cultures in Jesus’ Name!  Pray for Emily and the rest of the MTI staff as they take a breather between classes and get ready for the next class.


Isaac and Becca Herold: (Greeley, CO) Isaac and Becca head the Christian Challenge (CC) ministry at the University of Northern Colorado.  They have had four students come to faith this semester!  Pray for their spiritual growth.  Pray also for the CC leadership team as they are feeling overwhelmed with academics, ministry and COVID-19.  Pray for an urgency to share the Gospel.  Pray for divine connections with students who are searching and need to hear about Jesus Christ.  Pray for Becca and Isaac as they have applied to be foster care parents.  If all goes well they could be foster parents by the end of the year.


Kevin Green: (COS) Kevin is a field implantation worker with Evangelism Explosion (EE).  Kevin teaches curriculum which instructs people how to share their faith with others and do it confidently.  COVID-19 has prevented him for several months from meeting with area pastors but the doors are now opening up again.  Please pray for Springs Lighthouse and Pastor Brian Michaels.  Kevin met Pastor Michaels weeks ago and the pastor was excited about the EE curriculum and equipping his church family on sharing their faith.  Pray they can schedule a workshop.


Kent and Elizabeth Slack: (COS) This has been a unique semester, yet Kent reminds us God is not bound by restrictions placed upon us!  So true!  While it would be easy to focus on the normal things they cannot do due to COVID precautions, they are choosing to focus on the things they can do.  They have had a good number of students attending bible study and events.  They have some fairly young Christians and they also have students who have decided to try Christianity again.  Pray they are able to nurture and encourage these students.  This is a challenging year for their small leadership team.  Pray for them to be encouraged, strengthened and faithful.


Nicy Murphy Colorado Missions Offering Update: (Colorado) Thank the Lord for your selfless gifts given over the last few weeks.  To date we have received $12,328!



K and B:  Last week K and B shared the story of a 6 year old girl who was watching her Swirl mother get baptized when the little girl got too close to the river and was swept downstream.  Praise the Lord there are improvements.  She is off the ventilator but they are concerned there could be brain damage – she was without oxygen for approximately 40 minutes.  The Swirl church is fasting and praying for this little girl.  Please pray for this girl and her mother!  K and B have been asked to facilitate a “Trauma Healing Group” to assist fellow Ms who have been displaced by the security breaches.  The Ms are in shock and saddened because they cannot return to their previous ministry locations.  Ask the Lord to empower K and B as they seek to serve their colleagues.


Robbyn Booker: (Spain/COS) An update from the Shema Media Group – the radio station in Mardin, Turkey is now operating 24 hours a day, uninterrupted, due to the new backup generator VGBC helped to fund earlier this year!  The email received from Reach Beyond’s partners (Shema) says how grateful they are for VGBC’s and other’s support to see the Gospel go out to this part of the world.  Recently the Shema Media Group received a letter from a couple in Mardin who had seen a video streamed from their station.  The wife had questions.  Shema put this couple in touch with a local church to provide answers to their questions.  Pray this couple and others will hear and receive the clear Gospel message.


Dusty and Ashley Jackson: (Near Seoul, South Korea) Dusty is the cross country coach again this year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the season will be shorter this year.  Most of the track meets are during October.  Pray for safety for the team and for divine opportunities for Dusty to speak to the youth about Jesus.


Herb and Celeste: One of their teammates arrived this past week!  They are excited she is finally there.  She will be in quarantine for 14 days.  Their local congregation is bilingual – pray H and C will be helpful to this local body of believers.  Pray their neighbors and their landlord and his wife would accept Jesus as their Savior.  This past week they began planning another virtual event.  Pray all their work is done in a way which brings glory and credit to the Lord!  Pray for more team players to arrive to complete their team.


Mark and Lona Webb: (Killarney, Ireland) Praise the Lord the church is again meeting by Zoom!  This is a “praise” because it is not new to Grace Baptist Church – they have been doing this for a while and they are now comfortable with it.  Praise the Lord for the technology!  Ireland is now on level three restrictions. Please pray for Ireland’s leadership.  Pray for the school students and staff as they seek to stay well and healthy. Pray the Lord would help Grace members stay connected with each other.  Many Grace Baptist Church spouses and family members are not believers.  Pray for these family members that the Holy Spirit would soften their hearts and that they would accept Jesus as Savior.