Making Disciples who Worship

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Sermon Notes

In this series, we return to our church’s mission statement: “making disciples who worship, connect, serve, and impact.” “Making disciples” is the main command Jesus gave the church in the great commission (Matthew 28:19). God’s people are expected to grow as disciples and the church is instrumental in that growth. Our hope and goal is that everyone at Vista Grande will grow as disciples by getting involved in these four arenas. Worship is the corporate gathering when we assemble weekly as a church. Connecting is when we gather in smaller groups and fellowship and encourage each other around God’s Word. Serving is when we give our time, energy, and resources to benefit God’s people at VGBC. Impact is when we leave the campus in order to represent Christ, show acts of mercy, share the Gospel, and engage in missions. Our aim is to see people come to Christ so they begin growing as disciples. Each week we look at a different aspect of our mission statement.