Shema Media Group is a network of four FM Stations, with streaming, internet, social media and a YouTube channel that broadcasts Christian programming to the 85 million Islamic people in Turkey. Turkey is one of the most active countries in social media with high-speed internet reaching into the remotest villages. With only 6,000 Christians in the country, radio and internet are the most effective ways to reach into their lives. The FM station in Mardin reaches the south eastern region of Turkey and into Syria as it broadcasts in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac. 
However, the electric power in this area can go on and off 40 to 50 times a day knocking all of the radio stations off the air. A backup generator would ensure that this station would be a constant voice proclaiming the gospel into that silence. A generator costs $9,000 and they lack only $7,000 to outfit this station.
Would you help us provide this much needed stability to this station?  If you would like to support this initiative, the gifts will be used in our partnership with the Shema Media Group.
Please write all checks to VGBC and designate “Shema” on the check.

Thank you for you prayerful support.