September 13, 2020

Welcome to Worship
September 13, 2020
Jay Hill
Dr. Chris Moore
Longing for Home
Dr. Chris Moore
The Past: Longing for the Temple
The Present: Longing for the New Temple
The Future: Longing for Heaven
Help During Quarantine
If you have a need during this time, we want you to let us know.  For example, you might have a prescription or need some items from the grocery store and you are unable or concerned about going to the store.  You can email your need to us at  We will get your request to our “servers” who will try to help meet your need.  Also, our Deacons and Sunday School teachers are going to be reaching out to everyone, but especially to those who are at greater risk during this time.  They are going to check in on you, see how you’re doing, learn how we can be praying for you and if you have needs we can meet.  We want everyone to know and feel they are loved and cared for by Christ and by His church!
Helping During Quarantine


Some of you might not be at great risk because of health or age, and you might be going to the store to purchase items for you and your family.  You could be a “server” and pick up items for someone in our church family who is in need.  If you would be willing to help serve in this way, please email and let us know.  We will help connect the VGBC family member who is in need with the person who is willing to serve.  This is our opportunity to practice what we say we believe!