The King and the Kingdom

The King and the Kingdom
We believe it is important to go through all the types of literature in the Bible: New Testament letters and gospels and Old Testament poetry and prophets.  In this sermon series we are going through 1 Samuel, which is part of the historical narrative section of the Bible.  The history books are the largest type of literature in the Bible, and they tell the story about God and His people.  1 Samuel is important because we learn how the kingdom was established.  In this series, we are focusing on the important truths and lessons we learn about the king and the kingdom and what difference this makes for us today.

May 20, 2018
1 Samuel 29-31
In this final sermon in the 1 Samuel series, we discover several keys for taking the path of David that leads to life.  First, learn how to strengthen yourself in the Lord.  Second, use God-ordained methods for making decisions.  Third, be quick to bless others.  Fourth, live so that you leave a great legacy.