December 4

“And God said…”
Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 14, 20, & 24
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God
he created him; male and female he created them.”
Genesis 1:27


God spoke. Out of nothing came light, sun, moon, sea, land, fish, birds, plants, animals, man. That’s power; to make something out of nothing with just a word. Man can’t make something out of nothing, period. Theologians use the word omnipotent to describe this characteristic of God. We translate that as “all-powerful.” How do we see this power unfold?

Over the previous three days we’ve looked at creation and the best response to it — wonder. His power is not limited to creative power, although it is limited in a manner. In the book, The Case for Faith, author Lee Strobel quotes Peter John Kreeft asserting that “Precisely, because he is all powerful, he can’t do some things. He can’t make mistakes.”6 So, it was no mistake when God made man, gave him dominion over the earth and provided for him from every seed-bearing plant of the earth. God uses His power to bring benefit, and He intends for us to use the power delegated to us in the same way. This is the central assertion of Andy Crouch in his book Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power. Power is given to benefit those under the influence or responsibility of the one with the power.

This understanding and use of power is largely lost in our world today. Power is used for personal agendas and personal benefit at the expense of those who do not have such influence. This turn of events has not surprised God, and before the beginning of time He had a plan and the power to see that plan come to fruition. His answer to the problem is what we celebrate this December. The God who created a universe we can’t even really comprehend, who is so big He stands outside of this vast, inconceivably large and variable expanse, is the God who knows you and is attentive to you, and has the power to insert Himself into His creation as a baby. He utilized this capacity to step down from His glory and into our experience. He is neither unaware of nor indifferent to our pain, challenges, disappointments, limitations, joys, or triumphs.

Today, stop for a moment and consider the size and power of God, and then remember that He cares so much for you that He became like you so you could know Him. Today, let the thought that God would and could become a baby help you keep a right focus on all the circumstances December brings. They are just that—circumstances—and the omnipotent God is interested and involved in your day. That’s how He uses power.


Jay W. Hill