March 22, 2020 Discussion Questions

A Theology of Desires
Discussion Questions
Dr. Chris Moore

Exodus 20:17

  1. When we break the 10th commandment (Exodus 20:17), we fail to love our neighbors well. Behind this command is a call to love each other and love our neighbors. What are some practical ways you can love your neighbors and your church family well during this unique time?  What is one action you will take today?


  1. When we break the 10th commandment, we fail to love God like we should. We reveal we are not content with Him and what He has provided for us. All of us have had our lives changed recently.  We are learning to live without certain luxuries we used to enjoy and value.  What are some of the things you miss the most?  Why do you think you miss those particular things?  What does this reveal about what you value?  Is it possible you have an unhealthy desire for some things (even if those are good things)?


  1. We said one of the solutions to obeying the 10th command is to think correctly about desires. The fact that we desire is good, and God created us with desires. What are some desires we have that are good?  Can you think of some examples of desires the Bible talks about that are good?


  1. Read Psalm 73. Based on Psalm 73:1-16, what are some of the reasons the psalmist envied other people? The psalmist had a change of mind and heart in v.17.  Explain what happened that caused him to change.  Based on Psalm 73:17-28, what are some truths he came to understand and believe that allowed him to be content in his situation? 


  1. We can be content if we learn to transform our desires into greater and deeper desires. How would you explain to someone that since you know Jesus Christ, you are content no matter what else happens? What is it about Jesus that allows you to be able to say, “since I have Christ, I have all I need?”  Try to give your answer as if you were telling your friend who is not a Christian.  Is there someone you could explain your answer to today?