Welcome to Simply Christmas: Restoring the Wonder

(Beginning November 30)

This devotional guide is written primarily for personal use with the hope each individual or couple will find it easily adaptable for the family. It is my desire that our entire church family be able to use it to enhance their personal worship during December and to enrich our corporate worship on Sundays and during the Christmas Dessert Theater.
Unless otherwise noted, all scriptures are quoted from the New International Version.
I would like to thank Doug Wamble for the gift of a copy of The Case for Faith. It came at precisely the time I needed it.
I also wish to thank Dr. Chris Moore for his partnership in this project. Thank you for reading through it at least three times and making sure I got my facts and theology as well as some grammar and writing correct. Thank you also to my daughter, Jessica Hill, for acting as editor. Thanks for helping me get my words in a form that will communicate to a broader audience than just those who know my “voice.” Additional editorial assistance was provided by Gwen Gunn and Lori Root.
It is my prayer that I have been a faithful vessel and God will sweeten this Christmas for all of us.
Yours in Christ’s love,
Jay W. Hill