May 15, 2022
Do You Fear God?
By: (All)
Series: Misc
Guest Speaker: Doug Lohrey
  • May 15, 2022Do You Fear God?
    May 15, 2022
    Do You Fear God?
    By: (All)
    Series: Misc
    Guest Speaker: Doug Lohrey
  • May 8, 2022The Story of Motherhood
    May 8, 2022
    The Story of Motherhood
    Series: Misc
  • May 1, 2022What’s Your Fragrance?
    May 1, 2022
    What’s Your Fragrance?
    Series: Misc
    Guest speaker: Daniel Jones
  • Apr 24, 2022Joy In Intimacy with God
    Apr 24, 2022
    Joy In Intimacy with God
    By: (All)
    Series: Misc
    Guest speaker, Pastor David Fitzgerald
  • Apr 17, 2022The Three Resurrections
    Apr 17, 2022
    The Three Resurrections
    Series: Specials
    Easter Sermon
  • Apr 9, 2022The Time of Our Visitiation
    Apr 9, 2022
    The Time of Our Visitiation
    Series: Misc
    Daniel 9:24-27 & Matthew 21:1-11  
  • Apr 3, 2022Desert Trek – The Next Generation
    Apr 3, 2022
    Desert Trek – The Next Generation
    By: (All)
    Series: Misc
    Guest speaker, Kevin Hostettler
  • Mar 27, 2022He Has Risen
    Mar 27, 2022
    He Has Risen
    Mark 16:1-8
    In this final sermon in our series through Mark, we focus on the resurrection of Jesus.  We talk about the ending of Mark’s Gospel and what this reveals about our resurrected King.
  • Mar 20, 2022The Son of God
    Mar 20, 2022
    The Son of God
    Mark 15:33-47
    In this sermon, we focus on the death and burial of Jesus.  We emphasize that it happened and why it matters. 
  • Mar 13, 2022They Crucified Him
    Mar 13, 2022
    They Crucified Him
    Mark 15:21-32 In this sermon we focus on Jesus’ death on the cross.  We consider the historical reality and the meaning of this event that is central to the Christian faith.