Emily Skinner

Emily Skinner
Serving in: Colorado Springs
Mission Training International


I grew up as a pastor’s kid in North Carolina. I also had a love for young children and early on began working with preschoolers. The Lord led me on an interesting path, however, and after graduating from college with a degree in history, I taught junior high and high school students for seven years. God then directed me to Colorado, where I am once again working with toddlers, this time in the context of training them and their families for overseas Gospel service (at Mission Training International). During my growing up years, my family placed a high value on missions. We had several good friends who were missionaries. My dad served on our denomination’s mission board. My parents also made sure my brother and I had missions opportunities, and as college students we went to Mexico twice on short-term trips. It has been so amazing and fun to see that, though I was not called overseas myself, God has still used my love of missions, history, culture (and children!) to bring me to this particular time and place where I can combine them all in service to Him.

Jonathan Ferre

Jonathan Ferre
Serving in: Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak Baptist Association Church Planter

In May 2015, Myrna, my wife, and our kids Peniel (10) and Jonatán (8) moved to Colorado Springs from Puerto Rico with the mission of planting a gospel-centered church to reach the Hispanic community of this City; since then Mirelix (3) has joined our family in this mission.

At the beginning of 2016 we started a Bible Study in our apartment with one family. In the middle of that year we started worship services and started reaching more people. After three years Iglesia y Verdad (IGV) meets on Sunday Mornings for Worship and Wednesday nights for Bible Study; both in Spanish for adults. During those times the kids participate in bible lessons taught in English. We meet at Garden Ranch Baptist Church, in a small Chapel beside their main Sanctuary.

Daily we encounter the brokenness and need for the Gospel in our Hispanic Community; our mission is to be delighted on Jesus’ love for us, so that we are moved to share Him with others. As our church keeps growing, continue praying for leadership development; teachers for our kids and youth; so that we are able to keep reaching our Community. For more details or information, you can contact us at jonathaferretorres@gmail.com

VGBC Missionaries

VGBC Missionaries
Serving in: East Asia
International Mission Board

RESTRICTED NATION: This includes countries where government policy or practice prevents Christians from obtaining Bibles or other Christian literature. Also includes countries with government-sanctioned circumstances or anti-Christian laws that lead to Christians being harassed, imprisoned, killed or deprived of possessions or liberties.

HOSTILE AREA: This also includes areas in nations where governments attempt to provide protection for the Christian population, but Christians are victims of violence because of their witness.

Vista Grande Baptist Church has established Mission Control Teas, which meet monthly to pray fervently for the salvation of people around the world and for those who are serving.  In recognition of the great spiritual need among the people of East Asia, we are committed to champion this area of the world for Christ through prayer.

Mark & Lona Webb

Mark & Lona Webb
Serving in: Killarney, Ireland
Grace Baptist Church

Hello!  We are your workers in Ireland. Vista Grande sent us out after 17 years of ministry at the church. God called us to Ireland and we moved to Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland in July 2011. We are with an agency called Crossworld. We work with Grace Baptist Church, in Killarney, which meets in a national school.  It is a Catholic primary school. Mark is the elder of the church and responsible for the pastoral duties, including preaching and teaching.


Our main focus is to reach into the community through friendship evangelism.  We get involved in the community in different ways. This allows the locals to see us as a part of their community and builds trust with them. Lona has been a part of the Killarney Musical Society in previous years, has taken courses at a local school for adult learning classes in the evenings, and takes private voice lessons from a well-known local singer. Mark was in the Killarney Camera Club for a few years but has focused on walking groups the last two years. He walks with a Tuesday evening group and about once a month with a Friday walking group. This has prompted many conversations and some have attended services. Since Ian has been in the local schools since 2nd grade, we have had good connections with both local schools, including the primary school allowing us to use the building for Sunday morning service and Wednesday night Bible study. We are also involved in the Munster Christian Camps (MCC).


Ian is now 16 and in 5th year of secondary school (equivalent to 11th grade).  He hopes to enroll in IT-Tralee (Institute of Technology – Tralee) to study animation in autumn of 2021. Madeleine will be 25 this year, completed her studies at the Cork School of Music in 2018, and is currently working at the Killarney Cinema. She is exploring the opportunity to teach English in Japan.


We are supported by churches and individuals.  If you would like to be a part of our ministry team in Ireland, through prayer and/or financial support, please let us know.  We send out a weekly prayer letter and a monthly newsletter.  For financial support you can either give through Vista Grande or directly to our agency, Crossworld.


Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support over the last 9 years. God bless.


Kent & Elizabeth Slack

Kent & Elizabeth Slack
Serving in: Colorado Springs
Christian Challenge on the campuses of UCCS and PPCC

We are missionaries through the North American Mission Board serving the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), a campus of more than 12,000 students.  We have been leading Christian Challenge at UCCS since the Fall semester of 2008.  Christian Challenge is a campus ministry dedicated to challenging believers to be intentional about growing in their faith in Jesus Christ and to challenging unbelievers to be open to the belief that the Bible is true and Jesus is who He says He is.  

The two of us moved from Texas to Colorado in July of 2008 to begin this ministry.  Since that time our family has grown from 2 to 5.  We are completely overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to us throughout this entire journey.  It’s exciting to see all that God has done over these past 8 years, and we know this is only the beginning!

We’d love to have you share in this journey with us.  It is obvious that God is working in and through Christian Challenge at UCCS, but there are so many students on our campus that do not know Jesus.  In no way do we feel that our call to this campus is a short-term one.  That’s why we need people like you to come alongside us so that we can continue to do the work we’ve been called to do.

If you would like to find out how you can help support our ministry at UCCS, please contact us atkentslack@hotmail.com.

Your prayers for our family and our ministry are always welcomed!

Isaac & Becca Herold

Isaac and Becca Herold
Serving in: Greeley
Christian Challenge Directors at University of Northern Colorado

Becca and I met at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) during a spring club fair. At the time she was working for the Navigators at UCCS, and I was still working with Christian Challenge. Through a mutual love of college students we began hanging out, and after a year and a half we were married.

We both have a growing love for bringing the gospel message to college campuses. College ministry had a huge impact on both of us and we both feel strongly called to invest in college students for as long as God will allow. We are excited for this new season of marriage and pray that God will bring us together in a unique way to meet and minister to college students in a capacity we have not been able to before.

We are now the directors of Christian Challenge at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). 


Christian Challenge is part of the Baptist Collegiate Network and has been at UNC for many years. We have seven others on the staff team that we will be leading. Our group is dedicated to help students come to know Jesus, to learn to live like him, and to change the world through him.

We accomplish this by intentionally engaging students on campus with biblical truths and creating a community where students can have fellowship with one another. We do this through large group Bible studies, community groups, and service opportunities throughout our campus and community. We also strongly encourage students to belong to a local church where they can also serve the larger community throughout our city.

Robbyn Booker

Robbyn Booker
Serving in: Spain & Colorado Springs
Reach Beyond

Missions has always been something close to Robbyn’s heart. Her parents, Leonard and Imogene Booker, served with HCJB (now Reach Beyond) for 30 years. She grew up in Quito, Ecuador and was involved in the shortwave radio ministry, as well as helping the local church.

Although the spark remained in her heart, as a single mom, Robbyn spent most of her adult life managing retail banking branches and trust offices. In 2005, she returned to Ecuador on a vision trip, followed by a short-term trip to Ukraine. Both experiences flamed that spark in Robbyn, and she began seeking the Lord for new opportunities in missions.

In March 2013, Robbyn served with HCJB in Quito for six months, followed by two years serving in Madrid, Spain at a school for missionary children.

Since February 2017, Robbyn has been ministering in Spain as the office manager and assistant to the regional director. Her financial and administrative skills, and a mastery of the language, uniquely gifted her for this work. In addition to her daily assignments, Robbyn was instrumental in registering the work with the Spanish government. This will allow more missionaries to serve in this office and minister in Spain’s “region beyond”, opening doors for more strategic work in the region.

As of August 2019, Robbyn continues to serve Spain’s regional office remotely from Colorado Springs as well as assisting in Reach Beyond’s Ministry Service Center. This allows her to pursue her missionary service while also caring for her mother.

Kevin Green

Kevin Green
Serving in: Colorado Springs
Evangelism Explosion Learn More

Hello My name is Kevin Green I serve full time with Evangelism Explosion. The role God has called me to play is to work side by side with local pastors to help train their congregation to be Way Of Life Witnesses.

Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. We utilize a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

“Multiplication” is the key component—not just winning people to the Lord one-by-one (addition). But training those won to the Lord to win, and then train, others.

On-the-job training is another vital ingredient. By actually going out with experienced trainers like myself in real life witnessing situations, people learn how to share their faith. Much like learning to fly an airplane would be impossible without actually getting in the cockpit, evangelism is difficult without leaving the confines of a classroom.

By learning small parts of the Gospel each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, people incrementally grasp a Gospel tool that becomes a lifelong mission.

If you have any questions about EE, please contact me.